running Gadget 2 simulation on stampede

From: turhan nasri <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2016 23:33:22 -0500

Hi people,

I am trying to run an example Gadget simulation on stampede machine. While
I have successfully created the executable Gadget 2 , made a new directory
called /galaxy, copied galaxy.param and executable Gadget2 to that
directory. I have also made relavant changes to the file galaxy.param ,
changing the InitCondFile :
and the output directory as well.

however, when I submit the run with 16 processor with stampede, I get a
following error:

TACC: Starting up job 7877179
TACC: Setting up parallel environment for MVAPICH2+mpispawn.
TACC: Starting parallel tasks...

This is Gadget, version `2.0'.

Running on 16 processors.

Allocated 25 MByte communication buffer per processor.

Communication buffer has room for 504122 particles in gravity computation
Communication buffer has room for 204800 particles in density computation
Communication buffer has room for 163840 particles in hydro computation
Communication buffer has room for 163840 particles in domain decomposition

Hubble (internal units) = 0.1
G (internal units) = 43007.1
UnitMass_in_g = 1.989e+43
UnitTime_in_s = 3.08568e+16
UnitVelocity_in_cm_per_s = 100000
UnitDensity_in_cgs = 6.76991e-22
UnitEnergy_in_cgs = 1.989e+53

*Can't find initial conditions file.neither as
TACC: Shutdown complete. Exiting.

I checked it miltiple times whether I have given the right path to the /ICs
dir and it's obviuosly OK, I just don't see why It cannot locate the file.
I did the same thing in my local machine with 4 processor and I got it
running and produced output files. If anyone see what's going wrong here,
would be very useful to notify me. thanks
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