Compute Local density for No Gas particles

From: Magda Guglielmo <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 17:42:10 +1100

Dear gadget list,

I need Gadget2 to compute the local density and the number of neighbours
in the current smoothing radius for particles of type 2 (disk particles).
My understanding is that Gadget normally does only for gas particles (SPH),
so I need to modify the density.c routine. I am not running any SPH Hydro
simulation, so I don't use this routine, but I would like to keep the
Gadget structure unchanged so that it will keep working.
I saw that a similar topic has been posted the web archive, but I did not
find any answer or suggestions.
Does anyone has any suggestion on how I can do this in the simplest way

Thank you in advance
Best Regards
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