Help to run gadget2 in macbook

From: Prem Dhungel <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 13:26:06 +0530

Hi every one,

I need to do the simulation for galaxy formation using Gadget2.
But before doing the large full-fledged simulation, I want to do small ones in my MacBook and be familiar with gadget.

I downloaded and installed/configured the necessary components:
gadget 2.0.6
gcc 4.0
HDF5 1.6.10 (mac-intel-x86_64-static version)
lam-7.0.6 for MPI

All these are in the directory \Users /prem

When I type the command "mpirun -np 2 ./Gadget2 myparameterfile.param" in Terminal, the following error message comes:

Failed to find or execute the following executable:
Host: prems-macbook.local
Executable: ./Gadget2
Cannot continue.

It seems that it very simple silly mistake, but I am not able to figure it out as I'm not so used to in Terminal.
Can anybody help please?

Thank you.
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