Re: Creating Gadget2 initial conditions with Starscream

From: yanbin YANG <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 10:01:16 +0200

Dear Jay Billings,

You are so nice! I'm looking for this for a long time. I will try it as
soon as possible.

Big thanks!

Yanbin YANG

Jay Billings wrote:
> Dear fellow Gadgeteers,
> I wanted to email you to let you know about a code for creating
> initial conditions for Gadget2. I wrote this code, called Starscream,
> over the past few months and wanted to make it available to anyone who
> would be interested in studying galaxy collisions.
> Starscream uses a Springel-Hernquist model to create a pair of
> galaxies that can be collided in any N-body code, Gadget2 in
> particular. Users can read and write Gadget2 snapshots of previous
> collisions, create new galaxies, or load galaxies from snapshots AND
> place them on an orbit with a new galaxy.
> The code is new and largely untested, but available for download at
> <> . There
> are some sample movies available on youtube;
> . A copy of the user's manual is
> also available at
> <>
> , if anyone is interested.
> I hope to add many new features in the coming months and look forward
> to any user feedback if any of you use the code and find errors.
> All the Best,
> Jay Billings
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