endrun() was called with error level 8188 in density() function. (pure hydro simulation)

From: Kim Do Gyun <kdgcom_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 17:52:32 +0900

I made some initial conditions for testing pure hydro simulation.
All particles are assigned to type "0", the gas particle, and each
has velocity and internal energy information. For 2D simulation,
all Z-axis values were set '0'.

GADGET2 seemed to start with this IC well, but after some step,
stoped itself with error level 8188.

Here is the stdout result :


reading file `../ICs/kh.dat' on task=0 (contains 35078 particles.)
distributing this file to tasks 0-0
Type 0 (gas): 35078 (tot= 0000035078) masstab=0
Type 1 (halo): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 2 (disk): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 3 (bulge): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 4 (stars): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 5 (bndry): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0

reading done.
Total number of particles : 0000035078

allocated 0.0762939 Mbyte for ngb search.

Allocated 3.73359 MByte for BH-tree. 64

domain decomposition...
NTopleaves= 106
work-load balance=1 memory-balance=1
domain decomposition done.
begin Peano-Hilbert order...
Peano-Hilbert done.
Begin Ngb-tree construction.
Ngb-Tree contruction finished
task 0: endrun called with an error level of 8188


In the code, density.c,

              if(*SphP[i].Right == 0* && *SphP[i].Left == 0*)
            endrun(8188); /* *can't occur* */

you can see the comment, "Can't occur", but it occured.
That Right and Left variables are to be used for determining smoothing
length. In the code, there are some mechanism to change that variables.

Could someone explain what's going on here?
SphP[i].Hsml is *NaN* here.
(I even tried with smoothing length values in ICs, but got similar result)

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