NewPMViewer 1.3.3lite, OpenGL real time rendering tool for GADGET-2 data.

From: Arman Khalatyan <>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 23:11:21 +0200

Hello GADGET-2 users!
I would like to inform you that the new version of visualization tool
PMViewer is available for download.
The PMViewer was developed at Astrophysical Institute of Potsdam almost 3
years ago.
I was finishing some draft of documentation which allows me to share the
code with Gadget-2 community.
 Currently PMViewer supports real time and offscreen rendering modes,
perspective and stereoscopic cameras, Particle and SPH rendering modes and
For more details just have a look in documentation.

The code was released on sourceforge under GPL:

You can get the latest SVN snapshot by:

*svn co

Official web site is:

For latest 3D stereoscopic movies go to:

YouTube version of movies you can find in:

Have nice rendering

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