Re: multiple mass

From: Volker Springel <volker_at_MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:04:36 +0200

Pedro Colin wrote:
> Hi,
> I run a cosmological simulation with Gadget-2.0 with multiple species
> (three), one species is eight times more massive than the next. The ICs
> were generated using the multiple mass version of PMstart (A. Klypin) and
> converted to Gadget format. This is actually a test because the simulation
> has already run with the multiple mass scheme version of ART. For some
> reason, Gadget-2.0 is producing particles which have speeds faster than
> those produced by ART (at z=9 for example Gadget vrms is twice bigger than
> ART vrms). I have checked that velocities in both ICs (for Gadget-2.0
> and ART) are the same: they give identical <v> and vrms. BTW, I use the
> -PMGRID option but it does not matter because the old way of evolving the system
> produce similar results. Does anyone have any hint?

Yes, check the definition of velocities in gadget files as explained in
the manual.


> Pedro Colin
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