Re: Need help to start the run

From: Eelco van Kampen <>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 09:21:30 +0200

Just to help out Volker, who is busy enough anyway, I could
perhaps answer this question:
Bertschingers's COSMICS initial conditions are to my knowledge
not compatible with GADGET-2 without doing some work.
I used to use the Barnes & Hut treecode, for which I needed to
convert COSMICS initial conditions to those suitable for my
(cosmological) version of the Barnes & Hut code. These initial
conditions cannot be read be GADGET-2, so when I switched to
GADGET-2 I simple wrote another conversion programme. A bit
inefficient, converting twice, so in your case you might want to
do a direct conversion. But some work needs to be done by you.
This is actually a useful exercise, although tedious !

Hope this help,
Eelco van Kampen (recently 'converted' to GADGET-2 !) wrote:
> Hi.
> I am doing galaxy cluster simulation using Gadget2. I have compiled
> Gadget2, but when i try to run it, it complains.
> Compared to an equivalent serial code, there is some unnecessary overhead.
> This is Gadget, version `2.0'.
> Running on 1 processors.
> Allocated 30 MByte communication buffer per processor.
> Communication buffer has room for 714938 particles in gravity computation
> Communication buffer has room for 245760 particles in density computation
> Communication buffer has room for 196608 particles in hydro computation
> Communication buffer has room for 182890 particles in domain decomposition
> Hubble (internal units) = 100
> G (internal units) = 43.0071
> UnitMass_in_g = 1.989e+43 UnitTime_in_s = 3.08568e+19
> UnitVelocity_in_cm_per_s = 100000 UnitDensity_in_cgs = 6.76991e-31
> UnitEnergy_in_cgs = 1.989e+53
> Task=0 FFT-Slabs=32
> incorrect header format
> task 0: endrun called with an error level of 890
> ERROR: 0031-250 task 0: Terminated
> -----------
> This is the error message that I get. I guess the header format is
> incorrect whihc I generate (the initial conditions) with COSMICS which
> is written in F77. So I guess my initial condition is incorrect? In
> the user guide, it is said several flags were not used for public
> version of Gadget 2. Does it mean that I should just put zeros for those
> flags or should I omit the spaces themselves, so that the size of the
> unused array in the header becomes (256-everhthing that I actually have
> values for)/4 for integer unused?
> Have any idea where I should start fixing the problem?
> THanks much
> Jeeseon song
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