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Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 00:12:17 -0500


I am doing galaxy cluster simulation using Gadget2. I have compiled
Gadget2, but when i try to run it, it complains.

Compared to an equivalent serial code, there is some unnecessary overhead.

This is Gadget, version `2.0'.

Running on 1 processors.

Allocated 30 MByte communication buffer per processor.

Communication buffer has room for 714938 particles in gravity computation
Communication buffer has room for 245760 particles in density computation
Communication buffer has room for 196608 particles in hydro computation
Communication buffer has room for 182890 particles in domain decomposition

Hubble (internal units) = 100
G (internal units) = 43.0071
UnitMass_in_g = 1.989e+43 UnitTime_in_s = 3.08568e+19
UnitVelocity_in_cm_per_s = 100000 UnitDensity_in_cgs = 6.76991e-31
UnitEnergy_in_cgs = 1.989e+53

Task=0 FFT-Slabs=32
incorrect header format
task 0: endrun called with an error level of 890

ERROR: 0031-250 task 0: Terminated


This is the error message that I get. I guess the header format is
incorrect whihc I generate (the initial conditions) with COSMICS which
is written in F77. So I guess my initial condition is incorrect? In
the user guide, it is said several flags were not used for public
version of Gadget 2. Does it mean that I should just put zeros for
those flags or should I omit the spaces themselves, so that the size of
the unused array in the header becomes (256-everhthing that I actually
have values for)/4 for integer unused?

Have any idea where I should start fixing the problem?

THanks much

Jeeseon song
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