Light curves published in the paper

The role of radioactive nickel in shaping the plateau phase of Type II supernovae

Alexandra Kozyreva, Ehud Nakar, Roni Waldman

Published in MNRAS

The datasets generated and analysed during the study

The influence of line opacity treatment in STELLA on supernova light curves

Alexandra Kozyreva, Luke Shingles, Alexey Mironov, Petr Baklanov, Sergey Blinnikov

W7   16-7b   lsc15

Accepted by MNRAS

Observational similarity and difference between electron-capture supernovae, low-mass and normal core-collapse supernovae

A. Kozyreva, H.-Th. Janka, P. Baklanov, G. Stockinger

ECSN model e8.8  Low-mass zero-metallicity CCSN z9.6  Low-mass solar-metallicity CCSN s9.0

Submitted to MNRAS