Data Archive

GASS survey data are processed in the IDL environment. Our software package builds on Phil Perillat's IDL library, a large collection of software for the processing of Arecibo single-dish data, and makes use of the IDL astronomy library maintained at GSFC. Documentation and processing cookbooks are available to GASS members on the team-only website.

Catalogs of data extracted from SDSS are available at the MPA website and the NYU website GALEX data are maintained at the Multi-mission Archive at Space Telescope (MAST).

Data Releases

Access to HI digital spectra

Click here to download the GASS HI spectra (individual spectra or full data releases)

Long-slit Spectroscopy Data from Sean Moran's MMT program, including rotation curves

Barbara Catinella
Last modified: Aug 9 2013