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Wednesdays at 13:00 on ZOOM

Admins: Agnė Semėnaitė , Laura Herold .

Date Speaker Title Arxiv number
Apr 14 Minh Nguyen Hefty enhancement of cosmological constraints from the DES Y1 data using a Hybrid Effective Field Theory approach to galaxy bias arXiv:2103.09820
Apr 21 Nam Tran (Boston University) Measurement of the Positive Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment to 0.46 ppm arXiv:2104.03181
Agnė Semėnaitė When is tension just a fluctuation? How noisy data affects model comparison arXiv:2103.09820
Apr 28 Peter Stoffer (Universität Wien) The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in the Standard Model arXiv:2006.04822
May 5 Andrija Kostić Explaining Cosmological Anisotropy: Evidence for Causal Horizons from CMB data arXiv:2011.00910
Andrea Pezotta Euclid: impact of nonlinear prescriptions on cosmological parameter estimation from weak lensing cosmic shear arXiv:2010.12382
May 12 Laura Herold Beyond Yamamoto: Anisotropic Power Spectra and Correlation Functions with Pairwise Lines-of-Sight arXiv:2102.08384
May 19 Daniel Farrow Correcting correlation functions for redshift-dependent interloper contamination arXiv:2104.04613
Jun 2 Sam Young The Formation Probability of Primordial Black Holes arXiv:2105.07810
Jun 9 Luisa Lucie-Smith The Hubble Tension Bites the Dust: Sensitivity of the Hubble Constant Determination to Cepheid Color Calibration arXiv:2105.11461
Alex Barreira Cosmological constraints from unWISE and Planck CMB lensing tomography arXiv:2105.03421
Jun 16 Marta Monelli The Origin of Parity Violation in Polarized Dust Emission and Implications for Cosmic Birefringence arXiv:2105.00120
Jun 23 Sten Delos The Milky Way satellite velocity function is a sharp probe of small-scale structure problems arXiv:2106.0905
Jul 14 Dragan Huterer Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Cosmological Constraints from Galaxy Clustering and Weak Lensing arXiv:2105.13549
Jul 21 Simon May Structure formation in large-volume cosmological simulations of fuzzy dark matter: Impact of the non-linear dynamics arXiv:2101.01828
Jul 28 Oliver Friedrich The PDF perspective on the tracer-matter connection: Lagrangian bias and non-Poissonian shot noise arXiv:2107.02300
Sep 15 Fabian Schmidt Covariant Decomposition of The Nonlinear Galaxy Number Counts and Their Monopole arXiv:2106.15139
Sep 22 Martha Lippich A First Detection of the Connected 4-Point Correlation Function of Galaxies Using the BOSS CMASS Sample arXiv:2108.01670
Sep 29 Chris Byrohl The MUSE-Wide survey: Three-dimensional clustering analysis of Lyman-alpha emitters at 3.3 < z < 6 arXiv:2107.03723
Oct 6 Paolo Campeti Testing the Early Universe with Anisotropies of the Gravitational Wave Background arXiv:2109.03077
Oct 13 Vyoma Muralidhara Cross-correlation of the Polarizations of the 21-cm and Cosmic Microwave Backgrounds arXiv:2110.01619
Alexandre Barthelemy Probability distribution function of the aperture mass field with large deviation theory arXiv:2012.03831
Oct 20 Luisa Lucie-Smith Capturing the physics of MaNGA galaxies with self-supervised Machine Learning arXiv:2104.08292
Oct 27 Ippei Obata Cosmic birefringence tomography and calibration-independence with reionization signals in the CMB arXiv:2108.09287
Nov 3 Angelo Caravano
Nov 10 Sherry Suyu
Nov 17 Drew Jamieson
Nov 24 Henrique Rubira
Dec 1 Julia Stadler
Dec 8 Ivana Babic
Dec 15 - Joint Cambridge-Munich Journal Club -
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