Date Speaker Title Arxiv number
Dec 11 2019 Samuel Young Primordial Black Holes
Jan 8 2020 Alex Barreira Baryonic effects for weak lensing: II. Combination with X-ray data and extended cosmologies arXiv:1911.08494
Jan 8 2020 Ira Wolfson A Note on the Swampland Distance Conjecture arXiv:1911.09050
Jan 22 2020 Martha Lippich Super-resolution emulator of cosmological simulations using deep physical models arXiv:2001.05519
Jan 22 2020 Minh Nguyen Large Scale Structure Reconstruction with Short-Wavelength Modes arXiv:2001.02780
Jan 29 2020 Fabian Schmidt Cosmology from galaxy clustering via the EFT arXiv:1909.05277
Feb 5 2020 Ariel G. Sanchez Cosmology from large-scale structure: Constraining Lambda-CDM with BOSS arXiv:1909.11006
Feb 5 2020 Sherry Suyu The Megamaser Cosmology Project. XIII. Combined Hubble constant constraints arXiv:2001.09213
Feb 12 2020 Rodrigo Voivodic Using the Marked Power Spectrum to Detect the Signature of Neutrinos in Large-Scale Structure arXiv:2001.11024
Feb 12 2020 Giovanni Cabass Super-CMB fluctuations can resolve the Hubble tension arXiv:1905.02278
Feb 19 2020 Laura Herold Is there an early Universe solution to the Hubble tension? arXiv:2002.06044
Feb 26 2020 Leila Mirzagholi Simulating the Cosmic Neutrino Background using Collisionless Hydrodynamics arXiv:2002.04601
Feb 26 2020 Daniel Farrow Angular Correlation Function Estimators Accounting for Contamination from Probabilistic Distance Measurements arXiv:1911.07832
Mar 4 2020 Jiamin Hou Arrows of Time and Initial and Final Conditions in the Quantum Mechanics of Closed Systems Like the Universe arXiv:2002.07093
Mar 4 2020 Agne Semenaite Neutrino effects on the morphology of cosmic large-scale structure arXiv:2002.08846
Mar 11 2020 Linda Blot The Distinct Stellar-to-Halo Mass Relations of Satellite and Central Galaxies:
Insights from the IllustrisTNG Simulations
Mar 11 2020 Samuel Young Non-linear statistics of primordial black holes from gaussian curvature perturbations arXiv:1912.07072
Mar 18 2020 Alex Barreira Compensated Isocurvature Perturbations in the Galaxy Power Spectrum arXiv:2002.12931
Mar 25 2020 Minh Nguyen Observational detection of correlation between galaxy spins and initial conditions arXiv:2003.04800
Apr 1 2020 Fabian Schmidt Measuring the Tidal Response of Structure Formation: Anisotropic Separate Universe Simulations using TreePM arXiv:2003.06427
Apr 1 2020 Martha Lippich What will it take to measure individual neutrino mass states using cosmology? arXiv:2003.03354
Apr 8 2020 Sherry Suyu Constraints on compact dark matter with fast radio burst observations arXiv:2003.13349
Apr 8 2020 Rodrigo Voivodic The Halo Void (Dust) Model of Large Scale Structure arXiv:2003.06411
Apr 15 2020 Giovanni Cabass Induced superhorizon tensor perturbations from anisotropic non-Gaussianity arXiv:2001.00409
Apr 15 2020 Laura Herold Blinded challenge for precision cosmology with large-scale structure: results from effective field theory for the redshift-space galaxy power spectrum arXiv:2003.08277
Apr 22 2020 Linda Blot Clusters Have Edges: The Projected Phase SpaceStructure of SDSS redMaPPer Clusters arXiv:2003.11555
Apr 22 2020 Daniel Farrow Voronoi volume function: A new probe of cosmology and galaxy evolution arXiv:2001.08760
Apr 29 2020 Jiamin Hou Galaxy redshift-space bispectrum: the Importance of Being Anisotropic arXiv:2003.12075
Apr 29 2020 Agne Semenaite Observing Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in tomographic cosmic shear surveys arXiv:2004.03201
May 6 2020 Andrea Pezzotta Does jackknife scale really matter for accurate large-scale structure covariances? arXiv:2004.13436
May 13 2020 Samuel Young Dark matter and dark radiation from evaporating primordial black holes arXiv:2004.04740
May 13 2020 Alex Barreira A hydrodynamical halo model for weak-lensing cross correlations arXiv:2005.00009
May 20 2020 Jiamin Hou Post-inflationary axion isocurvature perturbations facing CMB and large-scale structure arXiv:2004.02926
May 20 2020 Fabian Schmidt Violent expiratory events: On coughing and sneezing ResearchGate:262983673
May 27 2020 Martha Lippich Cosmological Parameter Estimation from the Two-Dimensional Genus Topology -- Measuring the Shape of the Matter Power Spectrum arXiv:2004.01424
May 27 2020 Linda Blot Beware of commonly used approximations II: estimating systematic biases in the best-fit parameters arXiv:2005.09666
Jun 3 2020 Rodrigo Voivodic Model independent measurement of the growth rate from the consistency relations of the LSS arXiv:2005.09574
Jun 10 2020
Jun 17 2020 Giovanni Cabass Impact of transforming to Conformal Fermi Coordinates on Quasi-Single Field Non-Gaussianity arXiv:2004.06126
Jun 17 2020 Daniel Farrow Using GAMA to probe the impact of small-scale galaxy physics on nonlinear redshift-space distortions arXiv:2006.05383
Jun 24 2020 Minh Nguyen Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T arXiv:2006.09721
Jun 24 2020 Agne Semenaite Minimising the impact of scale-dependent galaxy bias on the joint cosmological analysis of large scale structures arXiv:2004.07811
Jul 1 2020 Andrea Pezotta Testing one-loop galaxy bias - I. Power spectrum arXiv:2006.09729
Jul 8 2020 Laura Herold J-PLUS: Unveiling the brightest-end of the Lya luminosity function at 2.0 < z < 3.3 over 1000 deg^2 arXiv:2006.15084
Jul 8 2020 Daniel Farrow Searching for dark energy in the matter-dominated era arXiv:2007.02865
Jul 15 2020 Elisa Ferreira Constraining Early Dark Energy with Large-Scale Structure arXiv:2006.11235
Jul 15 2020 Sherry Suyu TDCOSMO IV: Hierarchical time-delay cosmography -- joint inference of the Hubble constant and galaxy density profiles arXiv:2007.02941
Jul 22 2020 Ira Wolfson Measuring the spectrum of primordial gravitational waves with CMB, PTA and Laser Interferometers arXiv:2007.04241
Jul 22 2020 Agne Semenaite Determining the Hubble Constant without the Sound Horizon Scale: Measurements from CMB Lensing arXiv:2007.04007
Jul 29 2020 Minh Nguyen Direct detection of the kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in galaxy clusters arXiv:2007.02952
Jul 29 2020 Fabian Schmidt Information content in the redshift-space galaxy power spectrum and bispectrum arXiv:2007.04340
Sep 9 2020 Sam Young The impact on distant fly-bys on the rate of binary primordial black hole mergers arXiv:2006.15023
Sep 16 2020 Jiamin Hou The Completed SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: BAO and RSD measurements from anisotropic clustering analysis of the Quasar Sample in configuration space between redshift 0.8 and 2.2 arXiv:2007.08998
Martha Lippich  Fewer Mocks and Less Noise: Reducing the Dimensionality of Cosmological Observables with Subspace Projections arXiv:2009.03311
Sep 30 2020 Andrea Pezzotta  Perturbation theory for modeling galaxy bias: validation with simulations of the Dark Energy Survey arXiv:2008.05991
Laura Herold Cosmological constraints from BOSS with analytic covariance matrices arXiv:2009.00622
Oct 7 2020 Daniel Farrow Cosmological 3D HI Gas Map with HETDEX Lya Emitters and eBOSS QSOs at z=2: IGM-Galaxy/QSO Connection and a ~40-Mpc Scale Giant HII Bubble Candidate arXiv:2009.07285
Oct 14 2020 Sherry Suyu First measurement of the Hubble parameter from bright binary black hole GW190521
Hubble Constant Measurement with GW190521 as an Eccentric Black Hole Merger
Elisa Ferreira Why reducing the cosmic sound horizon can not fully resolve the Hubble tension arXiv:2010.04158
Oct 21 2020 Agne Semenaite The End of Galaxy Surveys arXiv:2010.06064
Alex Barreira On the "Lensing is Low" of BOSS Galaxies arXiv:2010.01143
Nov 4 2020 Marta Monelli Polarizations of CMB and the Hubble tension arXiv:2010.12164
Vyoma Muralidhara A Test of the Cosmological Principle with Quasars arXiv:2009.14826
Nov 11 2020 Dragan Huterer Cosmology with dropout selection: Straw-man surveys and CMB lensing arXiv:1904.13378
Elisa Ferreira Probing Dark Matter Self-interaction with Ultra-faint Dwarf Galaxies arXiv:2008.02529
Nov 18 2020 Sten Delos Constraints on the Epoch of Dark Matter Formation from Milky Way Satellites arXiv:2010.01137
Ippei Obata BICEP / Keck Array XII: Constraints on axion-like polarization oscillations in the cosmic microwave background arXiv:2011.03483
Nov 25 2020 Giovanni Arico Constraints on the properties of warm dark matter using the satellite galaxies of the Milky Way arXiv:2011.08865
Dec 9 2020 Ariel Sanchez Improved two-point correlation function estimates using glass-like distributions as a reference sample arXiv:2011.05747
Linda Blot Cosmological Model Parameter Dependence of the Matter Power Spectrum Covariance from the DEUS-PUR Cosmo Simulations arXiv:2007.14984
Dec 16 2020 Chris Byrohl Constraining Reionization in Progress at z=5.7 with Lyman-Alpha Emitters: Voids, Peaks, and Cosmic Variance arXiv:2011.03559
Jan 13 Andrija Kostic Modeling Galaxies in Redshift Space at the Field Level arXiv:2012.03334
Jan 20 Agne Semenaite Assessing tension metrics with Dark Energy Survey and Planck data arXiv:2012.09554
Andrea Pezzotta Simultaneous modelling of matter power spectrum and bispectrum in the presence of baryons arXiv:2009.14225
Jan 27 Laura Herold Hockey-stick dark energy is not a solution to the H0 crisis arXiv:2101.08641
Daniel Farrow Cosmological constraints from line intensity mapping with interlopers arXiv:2001.10792
Feb 3 Akin Yildirim The Hubble Constant from Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances arXiv:2101.02221
Minh Nguyen A new approach to observational cosmology using the scattering transform arXiv:2006.08561
Feb 10 Minh Nguyen New Interpretable Statistics for Large Scale Structure Analysis and Generation arXiv:2006.06298
Alex Barreira Responses of Halo Occupation Distributions: a new ingredient in the halo model & the impact on galaxy bias arXiv:2012.04637
Feb 17 Marta Monelli Constraining reionization with the first measurement of the CMB optical depth fluctuation - Compton-y cross-correlation arXiv:2102.00975
Sam Young Extreme-Value Distributions and Primordial Black-Hole Formation arXiv:2101.10340
Feb 24 Angelo Caravano Lattice Simulations of Inflation arXiv:2102.06378
Sten Delos Probing Small-Scale Power Spectra with Pulsar Timing Arrays arXiv:2012.09857
Mar 3 Fabian Schmidt Testing one-loop galaxy bias: joint analysis of power spectrum and bispectrum arXiv:2101.06902
Ariel Sanchez Redshift-space distortions with split densities arXiv:2101.09854
Mar 10 Martha Lippich Information Content of Higher-Order Galaxy Correlation Functions arXiv:2102.01696
Chris Byrohl The MUSE Extremely Deep Field: the Cosmic Web in Emission at High Redshift arXiv:2102.05516
Mar 17 Luisa Lucie-Smith Andromeda XXI - a dwarf galaxy in a low density dark matter halo arXiv:2102.11890
Mar 24 Paolo Campeti Comparing multi-field primordial feature models with the Planck data arXiv:2103.03025
Vyoma Muralidhara Constraining the cosmic UV background at z>3 with MUSE Lyman-alpha emission observations arXiv:2103.09250
Mar 31 Elisa Ferreira The imprint of ultralight vector fields on gravitational wave propagation arXiv:2012.07505
Ippei Obata Self-gravitating Vector Dark Matter arXiv:2101.07265
Apr 14 Minh Nguyen Hefty enhancement of cosmological constraints from the DES Y1 data using a Hybrid Effective Field Theory approach to galaxy bias arXiv:2103.09820
Apr 21 Nam Tran (Boston University) Measurement of the Positive Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment to 0.46 ppm arXiv:2104.03181
Agnė Semėnaitė When is tension just a fluctuation? How noisy data affects model comparison arXiv:2103.09820
Apr 28 Peter Stoffer (Universität Wien) The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in the Standard Model arXiv:2006.04822
May 5 Andrija Kostić Explaining Cosmological Anisotropy: Evidence for Causal Horizons from CMB data arXiv:2011.00910
Andrea Pezotta Euclid: impact of nonlinear prescriptions on cosmological parameter estimation from weak lensing cosmic shear arXiv:2010.12382
May 12 Laura Herold Beyond Yamamoto: Anisotropic Power Spectra and Correlation Functions with Pairwise Lines-of-Sight arXiv:2102.08384
May 19 Daniel Farrow Correcting correlation functions for redshift-dependent interloper contamination arXiv:2104.04613
Jun 2 Sam Young The Formation Probability of Primordial Black Holes arXiv:2105.07810
Jun 9 Luisa Lucie-Smith The Hubble Tension Bites the Dust: Sensitivity of the Hubble Constant Determination to Cepheid Color Calibration arXiv:2105.11461
Alex Barreira Cosmological constraints from unWISE and Planck CMB lensing tomography arXiv:2105.03421
Jun 16 Marta Monelli The Origin of Parity Violation in Polarized Dust Emission and Implications for Cosmic Birefringence arXiv:2105.00120
Jun 23 Sten Delos The Milky Way satellite velocity function is a sharp probe of small-scale structure problems arXiv:2106.0905
Jul 14 Dragan Huterer Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Cosmological Constraints from Galaxy Clustering and Weak Lensing arXiv:2105.13549
Jul 21 Simon May Structure formation in large-volume cosmological simulations of fuzzy dark matter: Impact of the non-linear dynamics arXiv:2101.01828
Jul 28 Oliver Friedrich The PDF perspective on the tracer-matter connection: Lagrangian bias and non-Poissonian shot noise arXiv:2107.02300
Sep 15 Fabian Schmidt Covariant Decomposition of The Nonlinear Galaxy Number Counts and Their Monopole arXiv:2106.15139
Sep 22 Martha Lippich A First Detection of the Connected 4-Point Correlation Function of Galaxies Using the BOSS CMASS Sample arXiv:2108.01670
Sep 29 Chris Byrohl The MUSE-Wide survey: Three-dimensional clustering analysis of Lyman-alpha emitters at 3.3 < z < 6 arXiv:2107.03723
Oct 6 Paolo Campeti Testing the Early Universe with Anisotropies of the Gravitational Wave Background arXiv:2109.03077
Oct 13 Vyoma Muralidhara Cross-correlation of the Polarizations of the 21-cm and Cosmic Microwave Backgrounds arXiv:2110.01619
Alexandre Barthelemy Probability distribution function of the aperture mass field with large deviation theory arXiv:2012.03831
Oct 20 Luisa Lucie-Smith Capturing the physics of MaNGA galaxies with self-supervised Machine Learning arXiv:2104.08292
Oct 27 Ippei Obata Cosmic birefringence tomography and calibration-independence with reionization signals in the CMB arXiv:2108.09287
Nov 3 Angelo Caravano Lattice Simulations of Abelian Gauge Fields coupled to Axion during Inflation arXiv:2110.10695
Nov 10 Sherry Suyu A Jovian analogue orbiting a white dwarf star arXiv:2110.07934
Nov 17 Drew Jamieson The Covariance of Squeezed Bispectrum Configurations arXiv:2111.05887
Elena de la Hoz, Patricia Diego-Palazuelos Determination of Polarization Angles in CMB Experiments and Application to CMB Component Separation Analyses arXiv:2110.14328
Nov 24 Henrique Rubira Resonant excitation of the axion field during the QCD phase transition arXiv:2110.13157
Dec 1 Julia Stadler On the impact of lensing magnification on redshift-space galaxy clustering analysis arXiv:2110.10421
Dec 8 Elisabeth Krause (Un. of Arizona) Lensing discussion arXiv:2111.09898
Dec 15 Agnė Semėnaitė Joint Cambridge-Munich Journal Club arXiv:2111.03156
Jan 19 Laura Herold New Early Dark Energy is compatible with current LSS data arXiv:2009.00006
Feb 2 Andrija Kostić The BOSS DR12 Full-Shape Cosmology: LCDM Constraints from the Large-Scale Galaxy Power Spectrum and Bispectrum Monopole arXiv:2112.04515
Feb 9 Andrea Pezotta Combined full shape analysis of BOSS galaxies and eBOSS quasars using an iterative emulator arXiv:2201.04679
Feb 16 Daniel Farrow AbacusHOD: A highly efficient extended multi-tracer HOD framework and its application to BOSS and eBOSS data arXiv:2110.11412
Feb 23 Alex Barreira The clustering of galaxies in the completed SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Primordial non-Gaussianity in Fourier Space arXiv:2106.13725
Mar 9 Vyoma Muralidhara The halo bispectrum as a sensitive probe of massive neutrinos and baryon physics arXiv:2202.07680
Mar 16 Agnė Semėnaitė Consistent lensing and clustering in a low-S8 Universe with BOSS, DES Year 3, HSC Year 1 and KiDS-1000 arXiv:2202.07440
Eiichiro Komatsu New physics from polarised light of the cosmic microwave background arXiv:2202.13919
Mar 23 Fabian Schmidt Not so fuzzy: excluding FDM with sizes and stellar kinematics of ultra-faint dwarf galaxies arXiv:2203.05750
Mar 30 Sten Delos Small-scale structure in vector dark matter arXiv:2203.11935
Apr 6 Paolo Campeti Bias on Tensor-to-Scalar Ratio Inference With Estimated Covariance Matrices arXiv:2202.05949
Apr 13 Ippei Obata Cosmic Birefringence: Cross-Spectra and Cross-Bispectra with CMB Anisotropies arXiv:2202.04584
Apr 20 Luisa Lucie-Smith From Images to Dark Matter: End-To-End Inference of Substructure From Hundreds of Strong Gravitational Lenses arXiv:2203.00690
May 4 Julia Stadler Wavelet Moments for Cosmological Parameter Estimation arXiv:2204.07646
May 11 Anik Halder JOINT CAMBRIDGE-MUNICH JOURNAL CLUB arXiv:2201.05607
May 25 Beatriz Tucci Can we actually constrain fNL using the scale-dependent bias effect? An illustration of the impact of galaxy bias uncertainties using the BOSS DR12 galaxy power spectrum arXiv:2205.05673
Angelo Caravano Cosmological Bootstrap in Slow Motion arXiv:2205.10340
Jun 1 Sam Goldstein Determining the Hubble Constant without the Sound Horizon: A 3.6% Constraint on H0 from Galaxy Surveys, CMB Lensing and Supernovae arXiv:2204.02984
Jun 8 Linda Blot Galaxy Cluster Statistics in Modified Gravity Cosmologies arXiv:2205.13015
Jun 15 Sherry Suyu The AGEL Survey: Spectroscopic Confirmation of Strong Gravitational Lenses in the DES and DECaLS Fields Selected Using Convolutional Neural Network arXiv:2205.05307
Jun 22 Maja Lujan Niemeyer HI intensity mapping with MeerKAT: power spectrum detection in cross-correlation with WiggleZ galaxies arXiv:2206.01579
Jun 29 Marta Monelli CMB spectral distortions revisited: a new take on ? distortions and primordial non-Gaussianities from FIRAS data arXiv:2206.02762
Oct. 12 Wheel only
Oct. 19 Matteo Esposito The JWST High Redshift Observations and Primordial Non-Gaussianity arXiv:2210.04812
Oct. 26 Andrija Kostic The MillenniumTNG Project: High-precision predictions for matter clustering and halo statistics
The MillenniumTNG Project: Inferring cosmology from galaxy clustering with accelerated N-body scaling and subhalo abundance matching
Nov. 2 Andrea Pezzotta COMET: Clustering Observables Modelled by Emulated perturbation Theory arXiv:2208.01070
Nov. 9 Alex Barreira Constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity from halo bias measured through CMB lensing cross-correlations arXiv:2210.01049
Nov. 16 Jose Luis Bernal The deconvolved distribution estimator: enhancing reionisation-era CO line-intensity mapping analyses with a cross-correlation analogue for one-point statistics
Characteristic Functions for Cosmological Cross-Correlations
Nov. 23 Vyoma Muralidhara Big bang nucleosynthesis and early dark energy in light of the EMPRESS Yp results and the H0 tension arXiv:2211.04087
Nov. 30 - **No Journal Club**
Dec. 07 Laura Herold A new constraint on Early Dark Energy using the Profile Likelihood arXiv:2210.16296
Dec. 14 Andrea Fiorilli Testing the accuracy of likelihoods for cluster abundance cosmology arXiv:2210.11093
Dec. 21 - **No Journal Club**
Jan. 11 Luisa Lucie-Smith Non-parametric Lagrangian biasing from the insights of neural nets arXiv:2212.08095
Jan. 18 Fabian Schmidt Consistency tests of field level inference with EFT likelihood arXiv:2212.07875
Jan. 25 Ziyang Chen Inferring the impact of feedback on the matter distribution using the Sunyaev Zel'dovich effect: Insights from CAMELS simulations and ACT+DES data arXiv:2301.02186
Feb. 01 Alejandra Melo TDCOSMO. XIII. Improved Hubble constant measurement from lensing time delays using spatially resolved stellar kinematics of the lens galaxy arXiv:2301.02656
Feb. 08 Wheel session
Feb. 15 Carlos Correa Guess the cheese flavour by the size of its holes: A cosmological test using the abundance of Popcorn voids arXiv:2212.06849
Feb. 22 Paolo Campeti Inference of the optical depth to reionization τ from Planck CMB maps with convolutional neural networks arXiv:2301.09634
Mar. 01 Sten Delos Observational Evidence for Cosmological Coupling of Black Holes and its Implications for an Astrophysical Source of Dark Energy arXiv:2302.07878
Mar. 08 Beatriz Tucci Robust field-level likelihood-free inference with galaxies arXiv:2302.14101
Mar. 15 Julia Stadler Higher-order statistics of the large-scale structure from photometric redshifts arXiv:2301.03581
Mar. 22 Linda Blot DES Y3 cosmic shear down to small scales: constraints on cosmology and baryons arXiv:2303.05537
Mar. 29 Fabian Schmidt The halo model for cosmology: a pedagogical review arXiv:2303.08752
Apr. 05 Marta Monelli Do the CMB Temperature Fluctuations Conserve Parity? arXiv:2303.12106
Apr. 12 - ** No Journal Club **
Apr. 19 Vyoma Muralidhara The period-luminosity relation for Mira variables in the Milky Way using Gaia DR3: a further distance anchor for H0 arXiv:2304.01671
Apr. 26 Sara Maleubre Void-Finding Systematics using Crossing Numbers arXiv:2302.05469
May 03 Andrea Pezzotta The MillenniumTNG Project: The impact of baryons and massive neutrinos on high-resolution weak gravitational lensing convergence maps arXiv:2304.12338
May 10 Emil Brinch Holm Special Seminar: A Frequentist's Guide to LambdaCDM Extensions arXiv:2211.01935
May 17 Matteo Esposito COVMOS: A new Monte Carlo approach for galaxy clustering analysis arXiv:2211.13590
May 24 Laurence Gong Cambridge-Munich joint journal club: Cosmology from the integrated shear 3-point correlation function: simulated likelihood analyses with machine-learning emulators arXiv:2304.01187
May 31 Ivana Babic Cosmological constraints with the linear point from the BOSS survey arXiv:2303.10661
Jun. 07 Vyoma Muralidhara Robustness of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations Measurements with Photometric Redshift Uncertainties arXiv:2306.01696
Jun. 14 Beatriz Tucci EFTofLSS meets simulation-based inference: σ8 from biased tracers TBA
Jun. 21 - Sep. 06 - ** Summer Break **
Sep. 06 Matteo Esposito Late Time Modification of Structure Growth and the S8 Tension arXiv:2308.16183
Sep. 13 - ** No Journal club **
Sep. 20 Julia Stadler Data Compression and Inference in Cosmology with Self-Supervised Machine Learning arXiv:2308.09751
Sep. 27 - ** No Journal club **
Oct. 04 Carlos Correa AI-assisted super-resolution cosmological simulations arXiv:2010.06608
Oct. 11 Beatriz Tucci Sensitivity Analysis of Simulation-Based Inference for Galaxy Clustering arXiv:2309.15071
Wheel The position-dependent matter density probability distribution function
Cosmological constraints from density-split clustering in the BOSS CMASS galaxy sample
Oct. 18 Andrea Fiorilli Cosmological parameters derived from the final (PR4) Planck data release arXiv:2309.10034
Wheel Robust cosmological inference from non-linear scales with k-th nearest neighbor statistics arXiv:2310.04501
Oct. 25 Luisa Lucie-Smith Cosmology from LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey Data Release 2: Cross-correlation with Cosmic Microwave Background arXiv:2310.07642
Wheel The 2-point correlation function covariance with fewer mocks
Creating Jackknife and Bootstrap estimates of the covariance matrix for the two-point correlation function
Nov. 01 - ** No Journal club: Public holiday **
Nov. 08 Andrea Pezzotta Full Shape Cosmology Analysis from BOSS in configuration space using Neural Network Acceleration arXiv:2310.17834
Nov. 15 Ivana Babic On the range of validity of perturbative models for galaxy clustering and its uncertainty arXiv:2311.04608
Nov. 22 Safak Celik Cosmological constraints on light but massive relics arXiv:2107.09664
Wheel Precise Cosmological Constraints from BOSS Galaxy Clustering with a Simulation-Based Emulator of the Wavelet Scattering Transform arXiv:2310.16116
Nov. 29 Fabian Schmidt Direct signatures of the formation time of galaxies arXiv:2307.11409
Wheel Constraining Baryonic Physics with DES Y1 and Planck data -- Combining Galaxy Clustering, Weak Lensing, and CMB Lensing
5σ tension between Planck cosmic microwave background and eBOSS Lyman-alpha forest and constraints on physics beyond ΛCDM
Dec. 06 Vyoma Muralidhara Detection of the CMB lensing -- galaxy bispectrum arXiv:2311.04213
Andrea Pezzotta Euclid preparation. TBD. Galaxy power spectrum modelling in real space arXiv:2312.00679