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MPA/MPE CosmoClub - The LSS (and more) Journal Club


Wednesdays at 14:00 at MPA seminar room 005

Admins: Vyoma Muralidhara , Andrea Fiorilli .

Date Speaker Title Arxiv number
Jan. 11 Luisa Lucie-Smith Non-parametric Lagrangian biasing from the insights of neural nets arXiv:2212.08095
Jan. 18 Fabian Schmidt Consistency tests of field level inference with EFT likelihood arXiv:2212.07875
Jan. 25 Ziyang Chen Inferring the impact of feedback on the matter distribution using the Sunyaev Zel'dovich effect: Insights from CAMELS simulations and ACT+DES data arXiv:2301.02186
Feb. 01 Alejandra Melo TDCOSMO. XIII. Improved Hubble constant measurement from lensing time delays using spatially resolved stellar kinematics of the lens galaxy arXiv:2301.02656
Feb. 08 Wheel session
Feb. 15 Carlos Correa Guess the cheese flavour by the size of its holes: A cosmological test using the abundance of Popcorn voids arXiv:2212.06849
Feb. 22 Paolo Campeti Inference of the optical depth to reionization τ from Planck CMB maps with convolutional neural networks arXiv:2301.09634
Mar. 01 Sten Delos Observational Evidence for Cosmological Coupling of Black Holes and its Implications for an Astrophysical Source of Dark Energy arXiv:2302.07878
Mar. 08 Beatriz Tucci Robust field-level likelihood-free inference with galaxies arXiv:2302.14101
Mar. 15 Julia Stadler Higher-order statistics of the large-scale structure from photometric redshifts arXiv:2301.03581
Mar. 22 Linda Blot DES Y3 cosmic shear down to small scales: constraints on cosmology and baryons arXiv:2303.05537
Mar. 29 Fabian Schmidt The halo model for cosmology: a pedagogical review arXiv:2303.08752
Apr. 05 Marta Monelli Do the CMB Temperature Fluctuations Conserve Parity? arXiv:2303.12106
Apr. 12 - ** No Journal Club **
Apr. 19 Vyoma Muralidhara The period-luminosity relation for Mira variables in the Milky Way using Gaia DR3: a further distance anchor for H0 arXiv:2304.01671
Apr. 26 Sara Maleubre Void-Finding Systematics using Crossing Numbers arXiv:2302.05469
May 03 Andrea Pezzotta The MillenniumTNG Project: The impact of baryons and massive neutrinos on high-resolution weak gravitational lensing convergence maps arXiv:2304.12338
May 10 Emil Brinch Holm Special Seminar: A Frequentist's Guide to LambdaCDM Extensions arXiv:2211.01935
May 17 Matteo Esposito COVMOS: A new Monte Carlo approach for galaxy clustering analysis arXiv:2211.13590
May 24 Laurence Gong Cambridge-Munich joint journal club: Cosmology from the integrated shear 3-point correlation function: simulated likelihood analyses with machine-learning emulators arXiv:2304.01187
May 31 Ivana Babic Cosmological constraints with the linear point from the BOSS survey arXiv:2303.10661
Jun. 07 Vyoma Muralidhara Robustness of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations Measurements with Photometric Redshift Uncertainties arXiv:2306.01696
Jun. 14 Beatriz Tucci EFTofLSS meets simulation-based inference: σ8 from biased tracers TBA
Jun. 21 - Sep. 06 - ** Summer Break **
Sep. 06 Matteo Esposito Late Time Modification of Structure Growth and the S8 Tension arXiv:2308.16183
Sep. 13 - ** No Journal club **
Sep. 20 Julia Stadler Data Compression and Inference in Cosmology with Self-Supervised Machine Learning arXiv:2308.09751
Sep. 27 - ** No Journal club **
Oct. 04 Carlos Correa AI-assisted super-resolution cosmological simulations arXiv:2010.06608
Oct. 11 Beatriz Tucci
Oct. 18 Andrea Fiorilli
Oct. 25 Luisa Lucie-Smith
Nov. 01 - ** No Journal club: Public holiday **
Nov. 08 Andrea Pezzotta
Nov. 15 Ivana Babic
Nov. 22 Safak Celik
Nov. 29 Fabian Schmidt
Dec. 06 Vyoma Muralidhara
Dec. 13 Ivana Nikolac
Dec. 20 Ziyang Chen

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