Aim of the Conference

The aim of the workshop, jointly organized by ESO, MPA and MPE, is to discuss our present knowledge of the physics of supernovae including both, thermonuclear explosions and those triggered by the core-collapse of massive stars.
The main emphasis will be on the events and their direct observable consequences, such as spectra and light curves. We hope to bring together theorists and observers to explore the potentials of future telescope projects and high-performance computing as well to resolve the still existing puzzles.

 Venue & Accommodation

The conference will be held at the Garching campus ("Forschungsgelände") , which is about 15 minutes walking distance outside of Garching, which is located 15 km north of Munich.
Oral Presentations: All lectures will be given in the lecture hall of the Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP, D2 building). The auditorium is newly refurnished, and allows computer assisted presentations. Please find the abstracts for the oral presentations in the Abstract Booklet.
Posters: Posters will be shown on the first floor of the IPP D2 building. The individual posters are numbered in the abstract booklet and will be displayed according to their numbers.

Accommodation will be in hotels in Garching. At this moment we have made pre-reservations for 90 rooms.


For every topic there are invited reviews (40 min + 10 min for discussion). Per review there will be about 4 contributed talks (typically 20 min + 5 min for discussion) and also poster sessions to be selected by the scientific organizing commitee.
Proceedings will be published.

 Scientific organizing commitee

Claes Fransson, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Bruno Leibundgut, Ken Nomoto, Marc Phillips, Brian Schmidt, Stan Woosley

 Local organizing commitee

Wolfgang Hillebrandt (Chair), Bruno Leibundgut (Co-Chair), Roland Diehl, Thomas Janka, Ewald Müller, Ferdinando Patat, Markus Rampp, Alvio Renzini, Cornelia Rickl (Secretary)

 Conference fees

Conference fee: EUR 120 (to be payed before June 30, 2002)
Reduced fee: EUR 100 (in case of early payment before April 30, 2002)

 Important Dates

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