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  1. Induced Compton Scattering by Thermal Electrons and the Low-Frequency Spectrum of Radio Sources
    Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy, 15, p.190-196, 1971
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  2. Heating of Gas near Quasars, Seyfert-Galaxy Nuclei, and Pulsars by Low-Frequency Radiation.
    Levich, E.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy, 15, p.363-370, 1971
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  3. The Induced Light Pressure under Astrophysical Conditions
    Levich, E.; Sunyaev, R.; Zeldovich, Ya. B.
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 19, p. 135-139, 1972
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  4. Compton Scattering by Thermal Electrons in X-Ray Sources.
    Illarionov, A.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy, 16, 45-55, 1972
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  5. Comptonization, characteristic radiation spectra, and thermal balance of low-density plasma
    Illarionov, A.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy, 18, 413-419, 1975
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  6. Effect of multiple Compton scatterings on an X-ray emission spectrum - Calculations by the Monte Carlo method
    Pozdnyakov, L.; Sobol, I.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy, 21, 708-714, 1977
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  7. The profile evolution of X-ray spectral lines due to Comptonization - Monte Carlo computations
    Pozdniakov, L.; Sobol, I.; Sunyaev, R.;
    Astron. and Astrophys., 75,214-222, 1979
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  8. Comptonization of X-rays in plasma clouds - Typical radiation spectra
    Sunyaev, R.; Titarchuk, L.,
    Astron. and Astrophys., 86, 121-138, 1980
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  9. Comptonization in a Radiation Dominated Shock and the Spectra of X-Ray Pulsars
    Lyubarskii, Yu.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 8, 330-335, 1982
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  10. Comptonization and the shaping of X-ray source spectra - Monte Carlo calculations
    Pozdniakov, L.; Sobol, I.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Scientific Reviews, Section E: Astrophysics and Space Physics Reviews 2, 189-331, 1983
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  11. Comptonization of low-frequency radiation in accretion disks Angular distribution and polarization of hard radiation
    Sunyaev, R. A.; Titarchuk, L. G.;
    Astronomy and Astrophysics 143, 374-388, 1985
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  12. The Profile of a Narrow Line after Single Scattering by Maxwellian Electrons: Relativistic Corrections to the Kernel of the Integral Kinetic Equation
    Sazonov, S.; Sunyaev, R.;
    ApJ, 543, 28-55, 2000
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