Clusters of galaxies

Clusters of galaxies

  1. The Observations of Relic Radiation as a Test of the Nature of X-Ray Radiation from the Clusters of Galaxies
    Sunyaev, R. A.; Zeldovich, Ya. B.,
    Comments on Astrophysics and Space Physics, Vol. 4, p.173 (1972),
    where the diminution of the Cosmic Microwave Background brightness in the directions to the clusters of galaxies with the hot intergalactic gas was predicted (thermal SZ-effect).
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  2. Formation of Clusters of Galaxies; Protocluster Fragmentation and Intergalactic Gas Heating
    Sunyaev, R. A.; Zeldovich, Ya. B.
    Astron. and Astrophys., 20, 189-200,1972
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  3. Sunyaev, R. A.; Zeldovich, Ya. B.,
    Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 190, p. 413-420 (1980),
    where a possibility to measure the peculiar velocities of clusters of galaxies using CMB observations was demonstrated (kinetic SZ-effect)

  4. The Microwave Background Radiation in the Direction Toward Clusters of Galaxies
    Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 6, 213-216, 1980
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  5. Intergalactic gas in clusters of galaxies, the microwave background, and cosmology
    Sunyaev, R. A.; Zeldovich, Ya. B. ,
    Astrophysics and Space Physics Reviews, vol. 1,  p. 1-60. 1981
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  6. Intergalactic Gas in Galaxy Clusters - Scattering and Polarization of the Radio Emission of a Central Source
    Syunyaev, R. A.,
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 8, 175-178, 1982
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  7. Millimeter Wavelength Lines of Heavy Elements from the Hot Gas in Supernova Remnants and Galaxy Clusters
    Syunyaev, R. A.; Churazov, E. M. ,
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 10, 201-205, 1984
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  8. Intracluster Gravitational Separation of Deuterium and Helium in Rich Galaxy Clusters
    Gilfanov, M.; Syunyaev, R.;
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 10, 137, 1984
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  9. Rich Galaxy Clusters as Microwave Sources - Predicted Count Curves
    Korolev, V.; Syunyaev, R.; Yakubtsev, L.,
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 12, 141-146, 1986
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  10. Radial Brightness Profiles of Resonance X-Ray Lines in Galaxy Clusters
    Gilfanov, M.; Syunyaev, R.; Churazov, E.;
    Soviet Astronomy Letters, 13, 3-7, 1987
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  11. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation in the Direction of a Moving Cluster of Galaxies with Hot Gas: Relativistic Corrections
    Sazonov, S. Y.; Sunyaev, R. A. ,
    ApJ, 508, 1-5, 1998
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  12. Microwave polarization in the direction of galaxy clusters induced by the CMB quadrupole anisotropy
    Sazonov, S. Y.; Sunyaev, R. A.
    Monthly Notices RAS, 310, 765-772, 1999
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  13. Turbulence in Clusters of Galaxies and X-ray Line Profiles
    Inogamov, N.; Sunyaev, R.;
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  14. Discriminating between unresolved point sources and `negative' S-Z clusters in cosmic microwave background maps
    Rubino-Martin, J. A.; Sunyaev, R. A.,
    Monthly Notices RAS, 344, 1155-1174, 2003
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  15. Clusters of galaxies in the microwave band: Influence of the motion of the Solar System
    Chluba, J.; Huetsi, G.; Sunyaev, R.,
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