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 Cosmology and extragalactic astronomy

Cosmology and extragalactic astronomy

  1. Recombination of Hydrogen in the Hot Model of the Universe
    Zeldovich, Y. B.; Kurt, V. G.; Syunyaev, R. A. Zhurnal
    Eksperimental'noi i Teoreticheskoi Fiziki,  55,  278-286, 1968 (Soviet Physics - JETP, 28, 146, 1969 (Translation)
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  2. The Necessity of Neutral Hydrogen Stage in the Universe Evolution
    Syunyaev, R. A. ;
    Soviet Physics - Doklady, 13, 183-185, 1968
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  3. The Ly-alpha line profile and the spin temperature of hydrogen in the intergalactic medium
    Varshalovich, D.; Syunyaev, R. ;
    Astrophysics, 4, 140-144, 1968

  4. The Interaction of the Metagalactic Ultraviolet Background Radiation with Galaxies and the Limit on the Density of the Intergalactic Gas
    Sunyaev, R.A.;
    Asrophysical Letters, 3, 33-38, 1969,
    where the existence of external ionization zones around galaxies was predicted and the method to measure the brightness of ultraviolet ionizing background radiation was proposed
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  5. Small Scale Entropy and Adiabatic Density Perturbations - Antimatter in the Universe
    Sunyaev, R.; Zeldovich, Ya. B.;
    Astrophysics and Space Science, 9, 368-382, 1970
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  6. The Density of Matter in the Universe and the Epoch of Galaxy Formation
    Sunyaev, R. A.
    Astron. and Astrophys., 12, 190-195, 1971
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  7. Tidal Interaction of Galaxies
    Kozlov, N.; Syunyaev, R.; Eneev, T.;
    Soviet Physics - Doklady, 17, 413-420, 1972

  8. Electromagnetic Background Radiation of the Universe
    Longair, M. S.; Syunyaev, R. A.,
    Soviet Physics-Uspekhi, 14, 569, 1972
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  9. Tidal Interaction of Galaxies
    Eneev, T.; Kozlov, N.; Sunyaev, R.;
    Astron. and Astrophys., 22, 41- 60, 1973
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  10. Star Contraction and Magnetic-Field Generation in Protogalaxies
    Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Ruzmaikin, A. A.; Syunyaev, R. A.
    Soviet Astronomy, Vol. 17, p.137-139, 1973
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  11. The formation of galaxies in Friedmannian universes
    Doroshkevich, A.; Sunyaev, R.; Zeldovich, Ya.B.;
    Confrontation of cosmological theories with observational data; Proceedings of the Symposium, Krakow, Poland, September 10-12, 1973; Dordrecht, D. Reidel Publishing Co., p. 213-225, 1974.
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  12. On the possibility of radioastronomical investigation of the birth of galaxies
    Sunyaev, R. A.; Zeldovich, Ia. B. ,
    Monthly Notices RAS, 171, 375-379, 1975
    (21 cm line from high redshifts)
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  13. Observable properties of primeval giant elliptical galaxies or ten million Orions at high redshift
    Sunyaev, R.; Tinsley, B.; Meier, D.,
    Comments on Astrophysics, 7, 183-195, 1978
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  14. The Growth of Density Perturbations in an Open Universe
    Rozgacheva, I. K.; Syunyaev, R. A.,
    Soviet Astronomy Letters 7, 179, 1981
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