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Prof. Rashid A. Sunyaev

Birth date: March 1, 1943
Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR
Family status: married to Gyusal Sunyaev born in Tashkent, USSR; has three sons and one daughter; all born in Moscow (1971, 1978, 1981 and 1988)

Work addresses:

Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik
Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 1
85748 Garching

Phone: 089 / 30000-2244
Fax: 089 / 30000-2899
E-Mail: sunyaev

Education and scientific degrees:

1960 - 1966 student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1966 - 1968 Ph.D. student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1968 Candidate of Sciences - (equivalent of Ph.D. degree) from Moscow State University (astrophysics)
1973 Doctor of Sciences (astrophysics), degree from Moscow University.
This degree is required in Russia to become full professor.
1987 Professor of Astrophysics (title presented by the Superior Attestation Commission of the USSR Council of Ministers)


1968 - 1971 Junior Scientific Researcher, Institute of Applied Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1971 - 1974 Senior ScientificResearcher, Institute of Applied Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1974 - 1982 Head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Astrophysics, Space Research Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1975 - 2001 Full Professor of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1982 - 2002 Head of the High Energy Astrophysics Department, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
1992 -- Chief Scientist, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
1995 -- Scientific Member of Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics
1996 -- Director of Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics
2010 -- Maureen and John Hendricks Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Editorial Boards:

1985 -- Editor-in-Chief, Astronomy Letters
1979 - 2005 Editor-in-Chief, Astrophysics and Space Physics Reviews
1988 -- 2007 Member of Editorial Board, Space Science Reviews
1995 -- Member of Advisory Board on Astrophysics and Space Physics, Springer (previously Kluwer) Scientific Publishers


main field Theoretical astrophysics, cosmology, high energy astrophysics, X-ray astronomy, space research
other fields Interaction of matter and radiation under astrophysical conditions

Professional Honors, Awards:

1989 Bruno Rossi Prize, American Astronomical Society
1991 Basic Sciences Award of International Academy of Astronautics
1991 John Lindsay Memorial Award for Science from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1995 Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society
1995 Robinson Prize in Cosmology from Newcastle University
1998 Sir Massey Gold Medal and Award from the Royal Society and COSPAR
2000 Catherine Bruce Gold Medal from the Astronomical Society of Pacific
2000 State Prize of Russia for scientific results of the GRANAT Orbital Observatory
2002 Alexandr Friedmann Prize in Gravitation and Cosmology from Russian Academy of Sciences
2003 Heineman Prize in Astrophysics from American Astronomical Society and American Institute of Physics
2003 Gruber Cosmology Prize and Gold Medal from Peter Gruber Foundation and International Astronomical Union
2008 Crafoord Prize in Astronomy and Gold Medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
2008 Henry Norris Russell Award, American Astronomical Society
2008 Karl Schwarzschild Medal, German Astronomical Society
2009 King Faisal International Prize for Science (Physics) and Gold Medal
2009 Antoinette de Vaucouleurs Medal, University of Texas, Austin
2010 Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
2011 Kyoto Prize and Gold Medal, Inamori Foundation
2012 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

Membership in Academies:

1984 - 1992 Corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences
1992 -- Full member of Russian Academy of Sciences
1991 -- Foreign Associate of USA National Academy of Sciences
1991 -- Member of Academia Europaea
1988 -- Member of International Academy of Astronautics
1992 -- Foreign Associate of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston
1995 -- Scientific Member of Max-Planck Society
2003 -- Member of German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina
2004 -- Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
2009 -- Foreign Member of the Royal Society

Membership in Professional Societies:

1968 -- Member of International Astronomical Union
1986 - 1994 COSPAR (ICSU Committee on Space Research) vice-president
1991 -- Member of European Astronomical Society
1991 - 1993 Vice-president of European Astronomical Society
1992 -- Honorary member of American Astronomical Society
1993 -- Member of the American Physical Society
1993 -- Foreign Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
2007 -- International Member of the American Philosophical Society

Visiting and Honorary positions; Lecturerships:

1990 - 1994 Adjunct Professor of Columbia University
June 1992 Visiting Professor of University of Virginia
July 1992 Visiting Scientist of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Dec. 1992 Regent Professor of the University of California, Berkeley
1990 -- Honorary member of Bashkortostan Academy of Sciences
1992 -- Honorary member of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences
July - Aug. 1993 Fairchild Distinguished Scholar of California Institute of Technology
June, Dec. 1993,
May 1994, Apr. 1995
Bearden Distinguished Professor of the Johns Hopkins University
1999 -- Honorary Professor of Ludwig-Maximillian University, Munich
2000 -- Honorary Professor of Kazan State University, Russia
Oct. - Dec. 2001, April, Dec., 2003 Gordon Moore Distinguished Scholar of California Institute of Technology
Feb. 2002 Scott Lecturer, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University
May 2002 Bruno Rossi Lecturer, Massachussets Inst. of Technology
April 2004 Oort Professor, Leiden University
March 2005 Sackler Lecturer on Astrophysics, Harvard University
March - April 2005 Visiting scientist, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
April 2005 Bishop Lecturer on Astrophysics, Columbia University
Oct. 2005 Karl Jansky Lecturer, National Radiastronomy Observatory
May 2006 Sackler Lecturer on Astrophysics, University of Toronto
May 2006 Conferenza Lincea Schiaparelli, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Rome)
Feb 2007 Bose Lecturer, S.N. Bose National Center of Basic Sciences, Calcutta
Nov 2008 Loeb Lecturer, Physics Department, Harvard University
Jan. 2009 Stanford University Physics Colloquium
March 2009 Niels Bohr Lecturer, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
October 2010 Tom Gold Lecturer, Cornell University
October 2011 John Bahcall Lecturership, National Air and Space Museum; Space Telescope Science Institute; Goddard Space Flight Center
April 2012 Sackler Lecturer on Astrophysics, Princeton University

List of publications (NASA ADS):

List of publications in (Astro-Ph):

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