General information for participants

The hotels

Each participant should have received an email with information about their hotel booking. Further details about the hotels are given on the accomodation page.

The hotels and the bus routes are marked on the PDF file available on this page. Am Park is number 1, Hoyacker Hof number 4, König Ludwig 5 and Garni Marias Inn number 6.

The location

The meeting will take place at the campus of the Max-Planck Institutes in Garching. Talks will take place in the main auditorium of the Institute für Plasma Physik. The location of the auditorium is indicated in this PDF or alternatively in this GIF image.

There will be a bus service between the hotels and the MPG campus at 8.30am each morning and a return bus at the end of the day. This is included in the registration fee. For those that need to travel at other times there is an extensive set of buses between Garching and the campus.

Computer access

The participants will be able to check email at room 285 in the MPA building. There will be a set of X-terminals plus wireless LAN connection for about 20 users. There will also be limited possibilities for direct connections of laptops using Ethernet cables.

The final details will be available upon arrival. We recommend that those participants that have WLAN cards for their laptops bring these. If you bring a laptop please have your MAC address handy (for dhcp access) or knowledge of how to set up their computers with static IPs.

Information for speakers

There will be no published proceedings from the meeting, but we will ask all speakers to provide us with an electronic version of their talk. This will then be placed on-line on the conference web site.

The electronic version will not be made available before the talk is given, but we are happy to receive it in advance of the meeting. A generic format such as PDF is preferable but not required.

The lecture hall has two projectors for computer presentations (we do not envision to use more than one simultaneously unless absolutely necessary). There are also a projector for normal transparency display as well as a DVD and video player (for the latter, please let us know in advance that you need it).

An alternative to bringing one's own laptop is to make use of one of the PCs that are in the lecture hall. These run Windows NT and are connected to the Internet. The official software for talks is PowerPoint (version not known) but Acrobat Reader should be available as well for PDF-based talks.

It is preferable to provide us with a copy of the talk well in advance to let us copy it onto the appropriate disk

Length of talks

Information about posters

Posters will be displayed in the same building as the lecture hall. We will have long coffee breaks to let the participants see the posters. We will also have two sessions with short poster presentations by some participants (to be selected by the SOC).

The maximum poster size is 75cm (width) x 120cm (height).

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