Lisa Kewley

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Talk Title: Emission-Line Diagnostics

Abstract: I will present emission-line diagnostics created using the Mappings III photoionization models which are now available to the astronomical community via an interactive webpage. The Mappings on-line models cover the energy range 1e-5 - 1e4 eV, and can be used on-line to predict emission-lines over a broad wavelength range from the X-rays to the infrared. The photoionization models include the self-consistent treatment of radiative transfer in the presence of dust. Models can be calculated on-line for a range of ionizing radiation fields, which can be can be input directly or via an interface with the stellar population synthesis code Starburst99. Such models provide valuable insight into basic astrophysical characteristics of stellar populations such as temperature, electron density, abundance, and dominant excitation source. During this talk, I will describe the Mappings on-line models, and discuss the development and application of emission-line diagnostics for physical parameters including abundance, ionization parameter, and ionization source.

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