Doctoral student, theoretical astro- & particle physicist

About me

Hi, my name is Simon May. I’m doing research in theoretical astro- and particle physics, mainly driven by one question: What is dark matter?

I’m currently a PhD student with Volker Springel at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, where I’m working on my dissertation about Structure formation in quantum-wave dark matter cosmologies.

I obtained my master’s degree in physics in 2018 at WWU Münster (Germany), where I wrote my master’s thesis Minimal dark matter models with radiative neutrino masses: From Lagrangians to observables. My advisor was Michael Klasen. As a result, I won the Infineon Master Award for the best master’s thesis of the year within WWU Münster’s Department of Physics. I spent one year at Lund University (Sweden) during my master’s program as part of the EU Erasmus exchange program.

My bachelor’s thesis was on Properties of supersymmetric top quark pair-production at hadron colliders, with Anna Kulesza as my advisor.


My publications can be found on arXiv (other databases: ADS, INSPIRE, ORCID).


Here is a chronological list of scientific talks which I have given.