Helmut Schlattl
Former Post-Doc and Regular Visitor at MPA
Now at the Institute of Radiation Protection at GSF - Research Center for Environment and Health
Formerly at Astrophysics Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University
URL: http://www.astro.livjm.ac.uk/~hs/ (most recent homepage)
e-mail: Please allow images!
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    Fingerprint = E7 32 B6 0A EF E2 B4 7F 66 CB 0A BA 0D 9E C3 61
  • DSS/Diffie-Hellman key
    Fingerprint(DSS) = C445 EE3A 0F3D F0A3 1A5E 682D 0BEC 0EC2 A834 FE95
    Fingerprint (DH)  = FBE6 994A 483E E9DA B72A 43D1 45E0 91DA EF05 B2D6

Research Interests
The structure and the life of the Sun and other stars

The solar neutrino problem and related topics

Extensions to the standard model of particle physics

List of publications


The Future of Our Sun (bzipped AVI, 64.5MB)
Die Zukunft unserer Sonne (bzipped AVI, 62.4MB)
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Last modified: May 27th 2004
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