Publications of Reimar Leike

Here is a list of publications I contributed to. Please follow the links to see the full abstract and list of authors.


Charting nearby dust clouds using Gaia data only

Reimar H. Leike, Torsten A. Enßlin

Highly resolved maps of cosmic dust within 300pc are computed from Gaia DR2 data using Gaussian process regression.


Towards information optimal simulation of partial differential equations

Reimar H. Leike, Torsten A. Enßlin

Simulation schemes for non-linear PDEs can be derived through minimizing Information loss.

NIFTy 3 - Numerical Information Field Theory - A Python framework for multicomponent signal inference on HPC clusters

Theo Steininger, Jait Dixit, Philipp Frank, Maksim Greiner, Sebastian Hutschenreuter, Jakob Knollmüller, Reimar Leike, Natalia Porqueres, Daniel Pumpe, Martin Reinecke, Matevž Šraml, Csongor Varady, Torsten Enßlin

New Version of the NIFTy software package for high dimensional high performance image reconstruction.


Optimal Belief Approximation

Reimar H. Leike, Torsten A. Enßlin

A general function that ranks approximations of probability distributions is derived from simple axioms.

Operator Calculus for Information Field Theory

Reimar H. Leike, Torsten A. Enßlin

Expectation values of Gaussian distributions can be calculated using tricks from differential geometry.