We meet weekly on Mondays at 14:00* in 401 (old seminar room) and try to teach each other about (recent) developments on the subject of multiphase gases. Everyone is welcome to join!
*Dates in italic are at a special time.

Date Speaker Topic
4.7. Seok-Jun \& Hitesh Poster feedback
27.6. Prakriti Choudhury TI (?)
20.6. Max Powerlaws
13.6. Chad Bustard Mixing in the high M regime
(holiday) - -
30.5. Ulrich Steinwandel Impact of runaway stars on galactic winds
23.5. (skip) -
16.5. Miha et al. GPUs part 2
10.5. Rainer Weinberger Multiphase model in AREPO
2.5. Miha Cernetic GPU discussion
25.4. Paco Holguin ML in astro
18.4. - (Easter break)
11.4. - (Easter break)
28.3. (everyone) arXiv round
21.3. Seok-Jun Raman scattering
14.3. Philipp Arras IFT for dummies
7.3. [hybrid] Hitesh et al. arXiv paper discussion
28.2. [hydrib] Ryan CRs in RAMSES
21.2. [hybrid] Max Intro to Lya RT
14.2. [hybrid] Mateusz Dissipation and transport in turbulent gravitationally stratified hot halos
7.2. [hybrid] Chia-Yu Hu Subgrid mixing model
31.1. [none] (skipped because of IMPRS workshop)
24.1. [zoom] Qi Li Dust models
17.1. [zoom] Hitesh Thesis committee talk
13.12. Zhiyuan Cloud crushing with AREPO
6.12. Max Cooling driven coagulation
22.11. Hitesh TI in AGN winds
15.11. Ryan Subgrid models of Galactic Winds