What's New !! 2003
Oct 1-14
The University of Texas at Austin.
Sep 1
I've moved to the Department of Physics (Jadwin Hall), a minute away from the Department of Astrophysical Sciences (Peyton Hall). It's a bit sad to see that my mailbox has disappeared from Peyton Hall where I've spent four years as a student and a postdoc, but, on the other hand, it's exciting to change environment and see a new mailbox at Jadwin Hall.
Aug 20-Sep 15
8/21(Thu)-8/26(Tue): Tokyo
8/22(Fri)-23(Sat): 日本物理学会2003年度科学セミナ−「宇宙を見る新 しい目」, 東京大学弥生講堂・一条ホ−ル
8/23(Sat.night): Reunion for Tohoku Astro graduates!
8/27(Wed)-9/3(Wed): Takarazuka, Hyogo
9/15(Mon): Leave for Princeton
Jul 29-Aug 4
The second string phenomenology conference (SP2003), held at Durham, UK.
7/28(Mon)-7/29(Tue): EWR-LHR-NCL
8/2(Sat): Talk, "Determination of Cosmological Parameters from Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations".
8/4(Mon): NCL-LHR-EWR
Jul 5
立浪先生、2000本安打おめでとうございます。渋すぎです。次は日本最多二塁打 だ! 福本大先生を超えて下さい。
Jun 30
酔心、純米大吟醸。山田錦 50%。最高。免税店大好き。
Jun 27
ALL THAT JAZZ --- THE JAZZ!! I love Chicago, the musical. It's hard to say which one is better, the movie or the musical, because they are different and both are terrific. The movie received 13 Oscar nominations and won the best picture. The musical won 6 Tony Awards. What more can I say?

Someone may argue that the musical is always better than the movie. It may be true that the musical is usually better than the movie, but I think Chicago is exceptional. The musical was funnier and more dynamic, while the movie was more showy. For example, in the musical costumes and sets remain the same throughout the show, but in the movie there are many different scenes, adding nice accents to the performances. (Cell Block Tango is a good example.) On the other hand, the musical has a little surprise about Mary Sunshine, which is really funny and impressive! The movie does not have such surprises.

However, I probably agree that without Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma and John C. Reilly as Amos, the movie cannot compete with the musical. Their performances are the best things in the movie, as great as the performances by Deidre Goodwin as Velma and P.J.Benjamin as Amos in the musical. (In my opinion, Zeta-Jones's performance is even better.) Needless to say, Brent Barrett as Billy is much better than Richard Gere. I cannot make fair comments about Roxy, as I am a Renee fan...

Of course, the live music and songs at the musical were the best parts. It's definitely worth hearing. Oh yes oh yes oh yes they both oh yes they both oh yes they both reached for the gun the gun the gun the gun oh yes they both reached for the gun for the gun..... I cannot help singing.....

Jun 7-14
Fourth International Conference on Physics Beyond the Standard Model "BEYOND THE DESERT", held in Castle Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany. (6/9-6/13)
6/7(Sat)-6/8(Sun): EWR-AMS-MUC
6/10(Tue): Talk "Determination of Cosmological Parameters from Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations"
6/14(Sat): MUC-AMS-JFK
May 10
I am dying... Pollens are trying to kill me. Farewell party for Totani-san tonight. We are going to make him drunk to the hell.
May 1
I accepted the offer from the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin. It seems like this year gives me a lot of new exciting things and challenges in deed, as my having speculated on the new year's day. I will move to Texas next January, having 8 more months to go in Princeton.
Apr 23-28
Seattle, Washington. (EWR-SEA)
4/24(Thu): visit the University of Washington to talk about the WMAP first results.
Mar 23, Apr 10
3/23: Sunday Nikkei (pp.28)
4/10: <夕刊> ひと・街 (pp.5)
Mar 7-Apr 15
Japan. (LAX-KIX)
3/7-12: Takarazuka, Hyogo
3/10(Mon)-11(Tue): Osaka University. Talk on 3/11, "WMAP First Year Results: 宇宙論はどこまで分かったか"
3/13-3/21: Tokyo
3/13(Thu)-17(Mon): Tokyo University. Talk on 3/13, "Prospect for the Inflationary Paradigm After WMAP". Talk on 3/14, "WMAP First Year Results: 宇宙論はどこまで分かったか"
3/18(Tue): Tokyo Institute of Technology. Talk on 3/18, "WMAP First Year Results: 宇宙論はどこまで分かったか"
3/19(Wed)-20(Thu): National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Talk on 3/19, "Prospect for the Inflationary Paradigm After WMAP". Talk on 3/20, "WMAP First Year Results: 宇宙論はどこまで分かったか"
3/22-3/27: Sendai, Miyagi
3/22(Sat): Good-bye-party for our beloved YU-HO dormitory.
3/24(Mon)-26(Wed): Annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of Japan (Tohoku Univ.), where I talk about the WMAP first results. Abstract is here (in Japanese).
3/27(Thu): Onsen!
3/28-4/8: Kohri, Date, Fukushima.
4/3(Thu): Tohoku University
4/9-4/14: Takarazuka, Hyogo. (SDJ-ITM)
4/11(Fri): Osaka University
4/12(Sat): Our best friend's wedding party. So, finally, you made it! We are very happy about your marriage!
4/15(Tue): Leave for Princeton. (KIX-LAX-EWR)
Mar 2-5
Caltech, Pasadena, California. Talk, "Prospect for the Inflationary Paradigm After WMAP" (EWR-LAX)
Feb 26-28
The University of Texas, Austin, Texas. (EWR-AUS)
4/27(Thu),28(Fri): two talks entitled "The WMAP First Results: What Have We Learned About Cosmology?" and "Prospect for the Inflationary Paradigm After WMAP".
Feb 20-22
Oxford to London, UK. (EWR-LGW)
2/20(Thu)-21(Fri): attend the 2nd CMBNet Workshop on Science and Parameter Extraction, held in University of Oxford. Talk on 2/21: "WMAP Constraints on Non-Gaussianity".
2/22(Sat): visit London.
Feb 11
We, the WMAP Science Team, proudly present the WMAP's 1st year results!! The WMAP satellite is observing fossil light from infant universe, 379,000 years after the Big-Bang. (If the universe today were 137 years old, then it would be 1.4 days after the birth.) We have determined that the universe today is 13.7(+/-0.2) billion years old [137(+/-2)億歳]. The first luminous objects were ignited about 200 million years [2億年] after the Big-Bang. (If the universe today were 137 years old, then it would be 2 years old at this time.) Going backwards in time(!), the WMAP is about to see what happened to the early universe right after the birth -- Inflationary scenarios are being critically tested!! The current ingredients of the universe: atoms 4%, dark matter 23%, and dark energy 73%. The universe is certainly made of mysterious dark stuff.. We are minority in the universe.
You can find the press release from the NASA HQ here, the news release from Princeton University here, the scientific papers here, and the data products here. WMAP in NEWS: The New York Times (USA), 朝日新聞 (Japan), and more... Local news in Daily Princetonian.
Jan 1
Happy New Year! The last year 2002 has past by me very quickly. This year 2003 may be a whole new challenge to me. Many things may change. I hope this challenge will be an exciting and great one.