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electronic textbooklet on MHD:

Essential magnetohydrodynamics for astrophysics


fast Doppler mapping program version 2.3.1 (January 2001)
2.3 Corrects an ERROR in the stream paths plotted, 2.3.1 tells what to do when there's not enough memory for the calculations

the oldest version of same
short description and CONDITIONS OF USE
revision history

sample output:

anonymous CV  (b/w, 50 kB)

stream plot of anonymous CV (color, 24 kB)
SS Cyg 300X300  (b/w 360 kB)
stream plot of EX Dra in HeI 6678 (color 27kB)


For a data reduction package for binary spectra, including another doppler mapping prgram,
try the software by  Tom Marsh (tmr@phastr.soton.ac.uk)

publications (till 2001, use ADS instead)

elementary introduction to accretion

Circumbinary Disks and Cataclysmic Variable Evolution
 artist's impression of a circumbinary disk: ps.gz(400k) jpg(44k)

  MHD-Jets and winds from accretion disks (1996, NATO ASI C477 p249)
  Collimation of magnetically driven jets from accretion disks (1997, MNRAS 288, 333)
  Convection in stellar envelopes: a changing paradigm (1997, MSAIT 68, 397)
Is stellar granulation turbulence? (1997, A&A 328, 229)
stream impact region in WZ Sge (1998, MNRAS 299, 768-776)
Origin of the rotation rates of white dwarfs (1998, A&A 333, 603)
 gamma-ray bursts from X-ray binaries (1999, A&A 341, L1)
 The X-ray spectrum of a disk illuminated by ions (2000, MNRAS 315, 751)
 Differential rotation and magnetic fields in stellar interiors (1999, A&A 349, 189)
  Accretion disks (NATO ASI Elounda 1999)
  Radiatively inefficient disks (NATO ASI Elounda 1999)
  Theory or solar luminosity variations (NATO ASI Bucarest 1999)
  Jets from compact objexts (IAU Symposium 195, Bozeman 1999)
  Gamma-ray bursts from neutron stars spun up in XRB (5th Huntsville GRB 1999)
  Spirals in the disk of EX Dra (2000, A&A 356, L33)
Accretion (in Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophyics, IoP, Bristol, 2000)
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Circumbinary Disks and Cataclysmic Variable Evolution (2000, ApJ 548, 90)
  Dynamo action by differential rotation in a stably stratified stellar interior (AA submitted)