Workshop on
Observations and Physics

Ringberg Castle at Lake Tegernsee,
March 26 - 30, 2007

The aim of the workshop, which will be held at the scenic Ringberg castle, is supposed to bring together astrophysicists, physicists, and astronomers from different fields in order to discuss recent observational and theoretical discoveries and developments on short gamma-ray bursts.

In particular, we plan to address the following topics

For details about the meeting place, and how to get there, please refer to the web-pages of the Ringberg castle.

Further Information:

Scientific Organizing Committee and LOC:

H.-Thomas Janka (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching),
Miguel Aloy (University of Valencia),
Jochen Greiner (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics),
Sandra Savaglio (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics),
Shri Kulkarni (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena)

This conference is supported in part by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through Sonderforschungsbereich-Transregio 7 Gravitational Wave Astronomy

For more information please contact Hans-Thomas Janka

Please send the filled reply forms for the second circular to "" until January 31, 2007.

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