Curriculum Vitae

Gerhard Börner

Born: 04/20/1941 Plauen, Germany
Nationality: German
Education: Schools in Regensburg and München 
Study of Physics at University of München
Ph.D.: 1968 at MPI für Physik in Elementary and Particle Physics
Habilitation: 1975 University of München
Professional: 01.02.1968-01.07.1970: staff member of MPI für Physik

01.07.1970-now: staff member of MPI für Astrophysik

1983: Title of Professor from University of München

Longer stays abroad:

01.09.69-01.05.70 Japan, Yukuwa Hall, Kyoto Univ.
20.09.70-31.08.71 USA, CCNY, New York, USA
01.06.72-31.12.72 NASA GSFC, Maryland, USA
Sept.79-Dec.79 China - Beijing, Hefei, Shanghai
Nov.83-Nov.84 Guest Professor at Univ. of Zürich
Jan.95/Feb.95 Australia - Canberra/Melbourne
06.11.97-11.12.97 RESCEU, Tokyo, Japan
Feb/March 2001 Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Oct/December 2003 Shanghai Observatory, China
April/May 2004 Shanghai Observatory, China
Dec 2004/Feb 2005 Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Organization of Conferences:

9 workshops between China (CAS) and Germany (MPG):
1982, 1987, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

two summerschools in Germany 1989/1996

Dahlem Conference on Cosmology, Sept. 1995 - Berlin.
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