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Friedrich (Fritz) Röpke

After spending four years at the Universität Würzburg, I'm now at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, where I lead the Physics of Stellar Objects group, and at the Universität Heidelberg, Germany.

Research Statement

My research interest is in Computational and Theoretical Astrophysics with application to stars, stellar evolution and stellar explosions.

Primarily, I am concerned with modeling the physics of Type Ia supernovae. The hydrodynamics of the explosion process is followed in large three-dimensional simulations. This research aims at gaining a sound understanding of the mechanism of these fascinating astrophysical objects and at providing a theoretical basis for their application as distance indicators in observational cosmology.

Another research interest is hydrodynamical processes in stellar interiors and interactions of stars in binary systems. Based on the development of new models numerical techniques, it has become possible to follow such processes in multi-dimensional dynamical simulations on leading supercomputers.

Please visit the webpage of my Astrophysics group at Würzburg  

and the webpage of my Emmy Noether Research group for additional information.

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