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Scientific Research

Current research interests:

Close binaries:
  • Accretion onto white dwarfs, spectra
  • Outbursts of dwarf novae and X-ray transient sources
  • Supersoft X-ray sources
Accretion modes:
  • Disk accretion or advection-dominated flow (ADAF)
  • Change of the accretion mode = spectral transitions in X-ray binaries
  • Evaporation of the inner accretion disk, disk truncation
  • Hysteresis in lightcurves of X-ray binaries
  • Re-condensation of gas from the ADF to an inner disk

Research highlight:
linkPfeil.gif Hysteresis in spectral state transitions of accreting black holes
E. Meyer-Hofmeister, F. Meyer, B.F. Liu

dokument.gif Accretion onto black holes - evaporation and condensation
in Zusammenarbeit mit F. Meyer, B.F. Liu, R. Taam

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