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dokument.gifThe hard to soft spectral transition in LMXBs -affected by recondensation of gas into an inner disk
December 2009
Meyer-Hofmeister, E., B.F. Liu and F. Meyer
dokument.gifOn the Properties of Inner Cool Disks in the Hard State of Black Hole X-Ray Transient Systems
November 2008
in cooperation with Ronald E. Taam, B. F. Liu, F. Meyer
dokument.gifLow heat conduction in white dwarf boundary layers?
May 2008
in cooperation with F. K. Liu, F. Meyer, V. Burwitz
dokument.gifVariability in the cycle length of the supersoft source RX J0513.9-6951
April 2008
in cooperation with V. Burwitz, K. Reinsch, J. Greiner, F. Meyer, F. M. Walter, R. E. Mennickent
dokument.gifThe Existence of Inner Cool Disks in the Low/Hard State of Accreting Black Holes
January 2008
in cooperation with B. F. Liu, Ronald E. Taam, F. Meyer
dokument.gifRe-condensation from an ADAF into an inner disk: the intermediate state of black hole accretion?
February 2007
in cooperation with F.Meyer, B. F. Liu
dokument.gifAn inner disk below the ADAF: the intermediate spectral state of black hole accretion
July 2006
in cooperation with B. F. Liu, F.Meyer
dokument.gifThe effect of heat conduction on the interaction of disk and corona around black holes
April 2006
in cooperation with F.Meyer

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