Constantina M. Fotopoulou

Computational Astrophysics

Welcome to my website! I am interested in the processes and mechanisms underlying galaxy formation and evolution. Within the framework of the GRIFFIN project, I study the structure and the chemistry of the turbulent multi-phase interstellar medium (ISM) using high-resolution hydrodynamical simulations of dwarf mergers. My research focuses on the physics governing the ISM, the study of the life and the properties of molecular clouds and the impact of galactic winds and stellar feedback mechanisms on the evolution of galaxies.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known...”
― Carl Sagan

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Current Research

As part of the GRIFFIN collaboration, I study the structure of the dense and cold star forming gas in a very high mass (solar mass) and spatial (sub-parsec) resolution hydrodynamical simulation of a gas-rich dwarf galaxy merger (Lahén et al. 2019). The simulation is resolved with individual massive stars and their energy injection by individual supernovae up to high environmental densities. Except for the metal enrichment, there is the implementation of a chemical network, non-equilibrium cooling and photoionisation. My analysis focuses on the cold star forming gas of the system that is structured in compact clumps and filaments. I am interested in identifying these cold clouds, studying their properties and how they compare to observations and tracing their life cycle. Furthermore, I am working on connecting the identified cold clouds with the detected star clusters in this system with the goal to fully trace the whole life cycle of molecular clouds until the creation of new stars from them. I am also studying the properties of the outflow of this simulated dwarf starburst and the impact of supernova feedback on the interstellar medium (ISM) of the system. The final aim of my work is to create a realistic model for the multi-phase ISM using very high resolution galaxy simulations with feedback from individual stars and star clusters.

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Constantina M. Fotopoulou
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