26-30 July 2010

Garching bei München, Germany

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In recent years clusters of galaxies have become one of the most exciting and important areas of observational, numerical and theoretical astrophysics. The study of galaxy clusters combines the richness of plasma physics with the predictive power of modern cosmological models to explain remarkable new observational results. Recent and upcoming results from observatories such as CHANDRA, XMM, HST, VLT, LBT, Herschel, South Pole Telescope, ACT, APEX, SZA will dramatically expanded by Planck Surveyor, ALMA, eRosita, NEXT, NUSTAR, as well as optical surveys such as Pan-STARRS, SDSS III, and lensing surveys. There are also theoretical advances from intensive numerical simulations, studies of the physics of supermassive black holes, and stellar dynamics in dominant cD galaxies.

The purpose of conference is to select several broad topics and bring together experts in i) physical mechanisms ii) simulations and iii) observations.

These topics could include:

A) Cosmology with clusters [growth of structure, baryonic acoustic oscillations, dark matter, dark energy]

B) Physics of ICM [shocks, particle acceleration, magnetic fields, turbulence, thermal conductivity]

C) SN and AGN Feedback [accretion onto supermassive black holes; cooling, heating]

D) Local clusters and groups (Virgo, Fornax, Coma); Dynamics of galaxies and stars

E) Recent and future Large Surveys [X-Ray, optical, lensing, SZ-effect].

high-resolution poster (PDF)

Confirmed Invited and Review Speakers:

Magda Arnaboldi, Monique Arnaud, Steven A. Balbus, Roger Blandford, Hans Böhringer, Marusa Bradač, John E. Carlstrom, Eugene Churazov, Andy C. Fabian, Bill Forman, Riccardo Giacconi, Anthony H. Gonzales, William Holzapfel, Nick Kaiser, Andrey V. Kravtsov, Maxim Markevitch, Toby A. Marriage, Kazuhisa Mitsuda, Jerry P. Ostriker, Lyman Page, Peter Predehl, Jean-Loop Puget, Piero Rosati, Volker Springel, Alexey Vikhlinin, Simon White

Scientific Advisory Committee:

M.Arnaboldi, M.Arnaud, R.Bender, R.Blandford, H.Böhringer, D.Bond, J.Carlstrom, E.Churazov, T. de Zeeuw, E.Emsellem, A.Fabian, N.Kaiser, J.Mohr, J.Ostriker, L.Page, J.L.Puget, R.Sunyaev (Chair), S.Tremaine, S.White

Local Organizing Committee:

G. Chon (MPE), M. Depner (MPA), M.Hilker (ESO), A. de Hoon (AIP), C.Ingram (MPE), R.Krivonos (MPA), V.Mainieri (ESO), E.Meyer-Hofmeister (MPA), A.Nastasi (MPE), M.Rejkuba (ESO), M.Rieperdinger (MPE), C.Rickl (MPA), O.Urban (MPE), B.Venemans (ESO), I.Zhuravleva (MPA), F.Ziparo (MPE).

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Supported by MPA, MPE, ESO, ESA