General Relativistic Simulations of Rotational Supernova Core Collapse in Axisymmetry with Microphysics (Extended Model Set)

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-Models E15x/E20x
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linkPfeilExtern.gifAxisymmetric Core Collapse with Microphysics (Extended Model Set)
linkPfeilExtern.gifRelativistic Hydrodynamics
linkPfeilExtern.gifWaveform Catalog

H. Dimmelmeier
C.D. Ott (linkPfeilExtern.gifDepartment of Astronomy and Steward Observatory, linkPfeilExtern.gifUniversity of Arizona, U.S.A.)
H.-T. Janka
A. Marek

Figures of the waveforms in EPS format:

These figures contain the time evolution of the maximum density and the signal amplitude for all 136 simulated models.

The vertical dotted lines mark the time of peak maximum density (time of bounce).

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