Research Groups

Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy research ranges from studies of the Cosmic Microwave Background to detailed simulations and modeling of Large-Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation and Cosmological Studies via Gravitational Lensing.

linkPfeilExtern.gifPlanck Satellite Group
linkPfeilExtern.gifLOFAR Project
linkPfeil.gifGalaxy Formation
linkPfeil.gifGravitational Lensing

linkPfeil.gif High Energy Astrophysics
High Energy Astrophysics research deals largely with the interaction of matter with radiation under extreme physical conditions.

Stellar Astrophysics
Stellar Astrophysics is concerned with stellar evolution theory, i.e. with the theoretical modeling of the life and death of single stars (e.g., our Sun) and binary stars. In this context, methods of numerical hydrodynamics are applied to develop computer models for explosions of stars, for collisions between binary stars, for simulating the relativistic gas outflow (jets) from black holes, and for studying convection and turbulent flows in stellar plasmas.

linkPfeil.gifStellar Evolution
linkPfeil.gifMolecular Physics
linkPfeil.gifType Ia Supernova explosions (Emmy Noether Junior Research Group)

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