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Below you can find a monthly updated list of short articles highlighting current MPA research topics.

linkPfeil.gif Three-dimensional computer simulations support neutrinos as cause of supernova explosions
August 2015
Hans-Thomas Janka

linkPfeil.gif Understanding how stars form from molecular gas
July 2015
Guinevere Kauffmann and Mei-Ling Huang

linkPfeil.gif A new observable of the large-scale structure: the position-dependent two-point correlation function
June 2015
Chi-Ting Chiang

linkPfeil.gif Understanding X-ray emission from galaxies and galaxy clusters
May 2015
Mike Anderson, Massimo Gaspari, Simon White, Wenting Wang and Xinyu Dai

linkPfeil.gif Computer simulation confirms supernova mechanism in three dimensions
April 2015
Tobias Melson, Hans-Thomas Janka

linkPfeil.gif Measuring gas velocities in galaxy clusters with X-ray images
March 2015
Eugene Churazov, Massimo Gaspari, Irina Zhuravleva, Alex Schekochihin, Rashid Sunyaev

linkPfeil.gif Galactic anatomy with gamma rays
February 2015
Marco Selig, Valentina Vacca, Niels Oppermann, Torsten Enßlin

linkPfeil.gif Starburst cycles in galaxies
January 2015
Guinevere Kauffmann

linkPfeil.gif A new standard ruler: Measuring angular diameter distances using time-delay strong lenses
Dezember 2014
Inh Jee, Eiichiro Komatsu and Sherry H. Suyu(ASIAA)

linkPfeil.gif Stars influence the central distribution of dark matter in galaxy clusters
November 2014
Chervin Laporte and Simon White

linkPfeil.gif A new neutrino-emission asymmetry in forming neutron stars
October 2014
Hans-Thomas Janka

linkPfeil.gif Detailed gravitational lens modelling of the galaxy cluster MACS J1149.5+2223
September 2014
Stefan Rau, Simona Vegetti and Simon White

linkPfeil.gif X-ray diagnostics of the donor star in ultra-compact X-ray binaries
August 2014
Filippos Koliopanos and Marat Gilfanov

linkPfeil.gif New light on the origin of the Galactic ridge X-ray emission
July 2014
Margherita Molaro, Rishi Khatri, Rashid Sunyaev

linkPfeil.gif Stellar halos reveal galactic accretion: Big fish eat small fish
June 2014
R. D'Souza, G. Kauffmann, J. Wang, S. Vegetti

linkPfeil.gif Resolving the radio sky
May 2014
Henrik Junklewitz, Michael Bell and Torsten Enßlin

linkPfeil.gif A New analytical model for turbulence pressure in galaxy clusters
April 2014
Xun Shi and Eiichiro Komatsu

linkPfeil.gif An observational and theoretical view of the atomic gas distribution in galaxies
March 2014
Jing Wang & Guinevere Kauffmann

linkPfeil.gif Connecting the formation of monster black holes to streaming motions in the early Universe
February 2014
Takamitsu Tanaka, Miao Li and Zoltán Haiman

linkPfeil.gif Superfluid Effects in Neutron Star Oscillations
January 2014
M. Gabler (MPA, Valencia), E. Müller (MPA), P.Cerdá-Durán (Valencia), T. Font (Valencia) and N. Stergioulas (Thessaloniki)

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