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Preprints 1995
 Preprints 1995
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MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 1995:
available under the URL:

MPA-Number with "e" = available only as electronic file and with "p" = printed as greenreport

MPA 844
"Homologous recycling model for hot galactic coronae", A.G. Kritsuk
MPA 845
"Stellar winds and the EUV continuum excess of early B-giants", F. Najarro, R.P. Kudritzki, J.P. Cassinelli, O. Stahl, D.J. Hiller
MPA 846
"An analytic model for the gravitational clustering of dark matter haloes", H.J. Mo, S.D.M. White
MPA 847
"Tetrad-based perturbative approach to inhomogeneous universes: a general relativistic version of the Zel'dovich approximation", M. Kasai
MPA 848
"The evolution of correlation functions and power spectra in gravitational clustering", H.J. Mo, S.D.M. White
MPA 849
"Self-acceleration of nuclear flames in Supernovae", S.I. Blinnikov, P.V. Sasorov, S.E. Woosley
MPA 850
"Properties of nova population models", U. Kolb
"The reaction of low-mass stars to anisotropic irradiation and its implications for the secular evolution of cataclysmic binaries", H. Ritter, Z. Zhang, U. Kolb
"On the outburst behaviour of dwarf novae and above the period gap (P > 3 hours)", N. Vogt
dokument.gifMPA 851
"Three-dimensional hydrodynamic Bondi-Hoyle accretion IV. Specific heat ratio 4/3", M. Ruffert
MPA 852
"The dynamical evolution of circumstellar gas around massive stars. I. The impact of the time sequence O star $\to$ LBV $\to$ WR star", G. Garcia-Segura, G., M.-M. Mac Low, N. Langer
MPA 853
"Nonthermal ionization and excitation in Type IIb supernova 1993J", V.P. Utrobin
MPA 854
"O-star mass-loss and wind momentum rates in the galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds Observations and Theoretical Predictions", J. Puls, R.-P. Kudritzki, A. Herrero, A.W.A. Pauldrach, S.M. Haser, D.J. Lennon, R. Gabler, S.A. Voels, J.M. Vilchez, S. Wachter, A. Feldmeier
MPA 855
"A search for small-amplitude variations in northern R CrB stars", A. Weiss, R. Fried, E.C. Olson
MPA 856
"The Parker-Shearing instability in azimuthally magnetized discs", T. Foglizzo, M. Tagger
dokument.gifMPA 857
"Her X-1: Modelling the anomalous and preeclipse dips with the coronal wind model", S. Schandl
MPA 858
"When do supernova neutrinos of different flavors have similar luminosities but different spectra?", H.-T. Janka
MPA 859
"Convection in type-II supernovae: The first second", E. Müller, H.-T. Janka
"Neutron star kicks and multi-dimensional supernova models", H.-T. Janka, E. Müller
"Gravitational wave signals from collapsing rotating polytropes", E. Müller, T. Zwerger
dokument.gifMPA 860
"Mass transfer cycles in cataclysmic variables", A.R. King, J. Frank, U. Kolb, H. Ritter
MPA 861
"Weak lensing by large scale structures in open, flat, and closed universes", J.V. Villumsen
MPA 862
"Cluster lens reconstruction using only observed local data -- an improved finite-field inversion technique", S. Seitz, P. Schneider
MPA 863
"Neutrino heating, convection, and the mechanism of type-II supernova explosions", H.-T. Janka, E. Müller
MPA 864
"The first second of a type-II supernova: convection, accretion, and shock propagation", H.-T. Janka, E. Müller
MPA 865
"On the dynamics of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy", H. Velazquez, S.D.M. White
MPA 866
"Self-similar evolution of cosmological density fluctuations", B. Jain, E. Bertschinger
MPA 867
"A model for the space density of dwarf carbon stars", M. de Kook, P.J. Green
MPA 868
"Deep diffusive mixing in globular-cluster red giants", P.A. Denissenkov, A. Weiss
MPA 869
"Morphology and dynamics of highly supersonic relativistic jets", J. Ma. Marti , E. Müller, J.A. Font, J. Ma. Ibanez
MPA 870
"Galaxy dynamics in clusters", C.S. Frenk, A.E. Evrad, S.D.M. White, F.J. Summers
dokument.gifMPA 871
"Cataclysmic variable evolution: The role of the white dwarf", U. Kolb
MPA 872
"GRAPESPH: Cosmological SPH simulations with the special purpose hardware GRAPE", M. Steinmetz
MPA 873
"Omega_{baryon} and the geometry of intermediate redshift Lyman \alpha absorption systems", M. Rauch, M.G. Haehnelt
MPA 874
"Substructures and density profiles of clusters in models of galaxy formation", Y.P. Jing, H.J. Mo, G. Börner, L.Z. Fang
MPA 875
"A new method for accurate velocity statistics estimation", F. Bernardeau, R. van de Weygaert
MPA 876
"Pressure supported ionized gas in S0 galaxies", F. Bertola, P. Cinzano, E.M. Corsini, H.-W. Rix, W.W. Zeilinger
MPA 877
"Optimizing higher-order Lagrangian perturbation theory for standard CDM and BSI models", A.G. Weiss, S. Gottlöber, T. Buchert
MPA 878
"Radiation pressure driven magnetic disk winds in Broad Absorption Line QSOs", M. de Kool, M.C. Begelman
MPA 879
"Planetary nebulae and HII regions in NGC 300", T. Soffner, R.H. Mendez, G.H. Jacoby, R. Ciardullo, M.M. Roth, R.P. Kudritzki
MPA 880
"Observational evidence for weak gravitational lensing", J.V. Villumsen
MPA 881
"Constraining peaks in Gaussian primordial density fields: An application of the Hoffman-Ribak method", R. van de Weygaert, E. Bertschinger
MPA 882
"Three-point correlation function of galaxy clusters in cosmological models: a strong dependence on triangle shapes", Y.P. Jing, G. Börner, R. Valdarnini
dokument.gifMPA 883
"Using the kinematic Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect to determine the peculiar velocities of clusters and galaxies", M.G. Haehnelt, M. Tegmark
MPA 884
"The structure of cold dark matter halos", J.F. Navarro, C.S. Frenk, S.D.M. White
MPA 885
"Analytical models for galactic nuclei", H. Zhao
MPA 886
"A self-consistent dynamical model for the COBE detected galactic bar", H. Zhao
MPA 887
"The velocity dispersion profiles of clusters of galaxies: a cosmological test and the sampling effect", Y.P. Jing, G. Börner
dokument.gifMPA 888
"An analytic approach to the secular evolution of cataclysmic variables", R. Stehle, H. Ritter, U. Kolb
dokument.gifMPA 889
"Coalescing neutron stars -- a step towards physical models I. Hydrodynamic evolution and gravitational-wave emission", M. Ruffert, H.-T. Janka, G. Schäfer
MPA 890
"Evolution of a magnetic flux tube in a sunspot penumbra", K. Jahn, Schlichenmaier, H.U. Schmidt
MPA 891
"Rare-earth nuclei: Radii, isotope-shifts and deformation properties in the relativistic mean field theory", G.A. Lalazissis, M.M. Sharma, P. Ring
dokument.gif MPA 892
"Three-dimensional hydrodynamic Bondi-Hoyle accretion", M. Ruffert
MPA 893
"On the fundamental properties of dynamically hot galaxies", A.G. Kritsuk
MPA 894
"Vela X-1: how to produce asymmetric eclipses", A. Feldmeier, U. Anzer, G. Börner, F. Nagase
MPA 895
"Morphology and dynamics of relativistic jets", J.M. Marti , E. Müller, J.A. Font, J.M. Ibanez, A. Marquina
MPA 896
"Hydrodynamical Models of stellar convection. The role of overshoot in DNA White Dwarfs A-type stars, and the sun", H.-G. Ludwig, B. Freytag, M. Steffen
MPA 897
"On the evolution of ejecta fragments in compact supernova remnants", R. Cio-Fernandes, T. Plewa, M. Rozyczka, R. Terlevich, G. Tenorio-Tagle, J. Franco, W. Miller
dokument.gif MPA 898
"Principles of semi-detached binary evolution", H. Ritter
MPA 899
"Simulating galaxy formation", M. Steinmetz
MPA 900
"Galaxy formation and large-scale bias", G. Kauffmann, A. Nusser, M. Steinmetz
MPA 901
"Cosmological applications of gravitational lensing", P. Schneider
MPA 902
"Delayed collapse of hot neutron stars to black holes via Hadronic Phase Transitions", T.W. Baumgarte, H.-Th. Janka, W. Keil, S.L. Shapiro, S.A. Teukolsky
MPA 903
"The hydrodynamic evolution of circumstellar gas around massive stars II. The impact of the time sequence O star $\to$ RSG $\to$ WR star", G. Garci a-Segura, N. Langer, M.-M. MacLow
MPA 904
"The Zel'dovich-type approximation for an inhomogenous universe in general relativity: second-order solutions", H. Russ, M. Morita, G. Börner
MPA 905
"^3He in stars of low and intermediate mass", A. Weiss, J. Wagenhuber, P.A. Denissenkov
MPA 906
"The response of tidally heated stars", P. Podsiadlowski
MPA 907
"Adaptive smoothed particle hydrodynamics: Methodology II", J.M. Owen, J.V. Villumsen, P.R. Shapiro, H. Martel
MPA 908
"Clustering of faint galaxies: omega(theta), induced by weak gravitational lensing", J.V. Villumsen
dokument.gif MPA 909
"Can neutrinos from neutron star mergers power gamma-ray bursts?", H.-Th. Janka, M. Ruffert
dokument.gifMPA 910
"CIV absorption from galaxies in the process of formation", M.G. Haehnelt, Steinmetz, M., Rauch, M.
MPA 911
"On the propagation of thermonuclear flames in type Ia supernovae", J.C. Niemeyer
dokument.gifMPA 912
"Visual light from the eclipsing supersoft X-ray source CAL 87", S. Schandl, E. Meyer-Hofmeister, F. Meyer
MPA 913
"The opacity of an expanding medium", S.I. Blinnikov

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