Rashid Sunyaev elected as Einstein Professor by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

MPA Director Rashid Sunyaev has been awarded an Einstein Professorship by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. CAS President Prof. Bai Chunli congratulated Rashid Sunyaev together with 19 other leading foreign scientists in different areas of science and technology.

Fig. 1: MPA Director Rashid Sunyaev

Fig. 2: CAS certificate for the Einstein Professorship Award

Einstein Professorship is the highest scientific award of Chinese Academy of Sciences for distinguished international scientists actively working at the frontiers of science and technology. According to the CAS, “recipients of the prestigious Einstein Professorships should be recognized as international leaders in their particular fields, as measured by awards and prizes, invited lectures, national or international committee membership and/or leadership, and history of publications."

As Einstein professor, Rashid Sunyaev is expected to give several lectures in leading CAS centres and universities conducting active research in the fields of High Energy Astrophysics and Cosmology in China. In exchange, he will receive one or two young CAS researchers to work at MPA for a period of one to three months (extendable up to six months). These visits will be funded by CAS.