Cluster Promotion prize for MPA student

This year’s “Universe Award” in the category “theory” goes to Jens Jasche for his dissertation “Bayesian Methods for Analyzing the Large Scale Structure of the Universe“. Jasche is now at University of Bonn, but did his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics. He will present his work during the “Science Week” of the Excellence Cluster Universe, which for the third time awarded two outstanding dissertations in the fields of astro-, nuclear and particle physics in the categories “experiment” and “theory”

Fig.: Jens Jasche

In his work, Jasche developed innovative statistical methods, which use the distribution of galaxies in the cosmos to draw conclusions about the density distribution of matter in the early Universe. All the structure that we see in Universe today grew from tiny quantum fluctuations occurring shortly after the Big Bang.

Committee member Prof. Dr. Peter Ring emphasized in his laudation that the methods developed by Jasche “set a new standard for the analysis of galaxy catalogues.” He concluded that Jasche’s work had blazed the trail for future analyses using this kind of data-sets.

Jasche will present his dissertation on Wednesday, 13. October, 9:00, at the IPP Lecture hall. The Cluster Science Week will include many scientific talks covering all seven research areas of the Cluster. The event is open to everybody, no registration and fee required.

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