Advisor-Seminar Astrophysik, TUM, WS 2007/08

Accelerators throughout the Universe

R.Diehl, J.Greiner, D.Habs, G.Hasinger, W.Hillebrandt, H.-Th. Janka, R.Krücken, E. Müller, P. Thirolf

TUM, MPI für Astrophysik und MPI für Extraterrestrische Physik

Ort: MPE Seminarraum 1.1.18b; Zeit: Mittwoch, 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Date Title of talk Speaker Advisor
October 24 Introduction, Assignment of Talks
October 31 Electromagnetic Acceleration of Electrons and Nuclei in the Lab Dieter Habs --
November 7 Introduction to Laser Plasma Acceleration of Electrons Raphael Weingartner Meyer-ter-Vehn
November 14 Accelerators in Laboratory Nuclear Astrophysics Thomas Faestermann --
November 21 Large-Scale Facilities: CERN's LHC, GSI's FAIR
Martin Berger  Faesterman
November 28 Principles of Cosmic Particle Acceleration
Herbert Kaiser Ensslin
December 5 -- Science week of Universe Cluster -- -- --
December 12 Cosmic Rays: Diagnostics up to Extreme Energies
Florian Holy Rachen
January 16 Strong Magnetic Fields and Neutron Stars: Pulsars and Magnetars
Christian Auer Spruit
January 23 Astrophysical Jets from Accreting Black Holes
Max Häberlein Rachen
January 30 Gamma-Ray Bursts
Patrick Huck Rachen
February 6 Astrophysical Acceleration in the Laboratory
Manuel Hegelich --

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