Advisor-Seminar "Nuclei in the Cosmos", TUM, SS 2019

Nuclear-Physics Aspects of Cosmic Nucleosynthesis

R. Diehl, J. Greiner, B. Leibundgut, W. Hillebrandt
H.-Th. Janka, E. Müller, P. Thirolf

TUM, LMU, MPI für Astrophysik und MPI für Extraterrestrische Physik

Ort: MPE Seminarraum X209; Zeit: Mittwoch, 16:00 - 17:30 Uhr
Date Title of talk Speaker Advisor
May 08 Introduction: Overview and Talk Assignments Janka n/a
May 29 Hydrostatic Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars Trost/Tetiker Müller
June 05 Thermonuclear Supernovae - Cosmic Standard Candles from Nuclear Burning Hinterreiter/Liang Hillebrandt
June 12 Stellar Explosions, from Supernovae to Superluminal Supernovae Klinkenberg/Steinberger Leibundgut
June 19 On the Solar Abundance Problem
Observing Cosmic Abundances
Wang/Jenegger Diehl
June 26 Core Collapse Supernovae and Explosive Nucleosynthesis Ertl/Mayer Janka
July 03 --ausgefallen-- Chakraborty Greiner
July 10 s-process nucleosynthesis: Experimental Techniques Kattau Thirolf
July 17 Modelling Chemical Evolution Jung Diehl
July 24 Laboratory-based Experimental Techniques for Nuclear Astrophysics Fuß Thirolf

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