Advisor-Seminar Astrophysik, TUM, SS 2006

The Dark Universe

R. Diehl, J. Greiner, G. Hasinger, W. Hillebrandt, H.-Th. Janka, E. Müller

MPI für Astrophysik und MPI für Extraterrestrische Physik

Ort: MPA Seminarraum 006; Zeit: Freitag, 9:30 - 11:00 Uhr
Date Title of talk Speaker Advisor
April 28 Introduction: Overview, and Talk Assignments H.-T.Janka --
May 5 Dynamics and Evolution of the Universe
Nicolay Hammer  Hillebrandt
May 12 Inflation, Dark Energy, and Dark Matter
Martin Obergaulinger  Hillebrandt
May 19 Simulating the Dark Universe and Cosmic Structure Formation
Andreas Marek Müller
May 26 Interpreting Measurements of the Dark Universe
Peter Schücker --
June 2 Exploring the Dark Universe with the Cosmic Microwave Background
Bernhard Müller Advisor
June 9 Probing Dark Energy with Supernovae
Sebastian Ihle  Hillebrandt
June 16 Modeling Thermonuclear Supernovae
Alexandra Rüger  Hillebrandt
June 23 Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe with Weak Gravitational Lensing
Speaker Advisor
June 30 Probing Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters
Fassbender Böhringer
July 7 Neutrino Background and Sources
Nils Haag  Janka
July 14 Gravitational Wave Background and Sources
Christian Auer  Müller
July 21 Cosmic Rays and Sources (Film 1 Film 2)
Reiner Birkl  Janka
July 28 Black Hole Formation in the Universe
Oliver Just Hasinger

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