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7-year Galactic Bulge Map

INTEGRAL 7-year Galactic Bulge Map
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XTE J1807-294 IGR J17320-1914 GX 1+4 GX 5-1 GRS 1758-258 GS 1826-24 4U 1820-303 XTE J1817-330 RX J1832-33 AX J1749.1-2733 IGR J17473-2721 4U 1822-371 4U 1705-440 4U 1702-429 OAO 1657-415 AX J1700.2-4220 GRO J1655-40 4U 1700-377 SAX J1712.6-3739 IGR J17091-3624 GX 349+2 IGR J17195-4100 4U 1708-40 1RXS J170849.0-400910 4U 1746-37 XTE J1743-363 IGR J17402-3656 IGR J17353-3539 EXO 1722-363 GX 354-0 RapidBurster IGR J17585-3057 IGR J17488-3253 IGR J17464-3213 GRS 1747-313 IGR J17353-3257 SLX1744-299/300 IGR J17497-2821 1E 1740.7-294 A 1742-294 KS1741-293 GRS 1741.9-2853 AX J1745.6-2901 1E 1742.8-2853 1E 1743.1-2843 SAX J1747.0-2853 IGR J17475-2822 IGR J17464-2811 SLX 1737-282 XTE J1739-285 IGR J17419-2802 GRS 1734-292 IGR J17391-3021 GRS 1736-297 4U 1724-30 XTE J1818-245 IGR J18170-2511 V4722 Sgr SGR 1806-20 PSR J1811-1925 XTE J1810-189 IGR J18135-1751 GX 13+1 IGR J18134-1636 SAX J1818.6-1703 AX J1820.5-1434 IGR J18175-1530 XTE J1824-141 LS 5039 GX 17+2 IGR J18027-1455 IGR J18048-1455 IGR J18027-2016 GX 9+1 IGR J17597-2201 IGR J17586-2129 IGR J17475-2253 IGR J17513-2011 GX 3+1 SLX 1735-269 IGR J17200-3116 XTE J1720-318 4U 1705-32 IGR J17204-3554 IGR J17254-3257 IGR J16562-3301 IGR J16500-3307 IGR J16482-3036 XTE J1710-281 V2400 Oph Oph cluster GX 9+9 IGR J17350-2045 IGR J17418-1212 4U 1735-444 PKS 1830-211
Map of the Galactic Bulge region accumulated over seven years 2003-2010. This map is mosaic image of the individual sky observations performed with IBIS/ISGRI in the 17-60 keV energy band. To reduce systematic noise arised in the dense region of Galactic Center (GC), we skipped all pointings situated in the 3-degrees vicinity around GC. The map is interactive, click on the source position to see its light curve over seven years.

Use link below the image to overlap stellar density field. The green contours are isophotes of the 4.9 micron surface brightness of the Galaxy (COBE/DIRBE) revealing the bulge/disk structure of the inner Galaxy. The near-infrared brightness of the galaxy traces also the hard X-ray ridge emission.
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