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People & Research:

Prof. Rashid Sunyaev -- Director
Kate O'Shea -- secretary, tel. (089) 30000-2215, email

  • Michael Anderson -- Postdoc. Galaxy formation, circumgalactic medium, galactic feedback, missing baryons.

  • Eugene Churazov -- Staff member. Galaxy clusters, cosmology, supermassive black holes, interaction of matter and radiation, X-ray astrophysics.

  • Massimo Gaspari -- Postdoc. Thermodynamical evolution of gas in clusters, groups and galaxies, AGN accretion and feedback, ICM/ISM physics, 3D AMR simulations.

  • Marat Gilfanov -- Staff member. Accretion, interaction of matter and radiation, compact objects, X-ray populations in galaxies, progenitors of Type Ia supernovae, cosmic X-ray background and large scale structure, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect (Planck mission).

  • Gert Hutsi -- Postdoc. Cosmology and large-scale structure of the Universe, cosmic diffuse backgrounds, astroparticles.

  • Rishi Khatri -- Postdoc. Physical cosmology, cosmic microwave background (spectral distortions, non-gaussianity, recombination physics, 21cm cosmology).

  • Satej Khedekar -- Postdoc. Galaxy clusters, cosmological constraints from observational surveys, CMB foregrounds from reionization.

  • Filippos Koliopanos -- PhD student.X-ray binaries, radiative transfer and X-ray reflection, accretion physics.

  • Alex Kolodzig -- PhD student. Active galactic nuclei, SRG/eROSITA mission, X-ray background, cataclysmic variables, X-ray binaries.

  • Sergey Komarov -- PhD student. Galaxy clusters, cosmology, thermal conduction in galaxy clusters, X-ray astronomy.

  • Natalya Lyskova -- PhD student. Elliptical galaxies, galaxy clusters, intercluster medium.

  • Emmi Meyer -- Retired. Accretion in binary stars and active galactic nuclei.

  • Friedrich Meyer -- Emeritus. Cataclysmic variables, accretion modes in low-mass-X-ray binaries, stellar magnetic fields, AP stars, formation of the rings in SN 1987A.

  • Margherita Molaro -- PhD student. Cosmic microwave background, dark matter annihilation.

  • Mikkel Nielsen -- Postdoc. type Ia supernova progenitors, accreting white dwarfs, symbiotic binaries, supersoft X-ray sources

  • Dmitry Prokhorov -- Postdoc. Radiative processes, interaction of matter and radiation.

  • Monika Sorasim -- PhD student. Progenitors of type Ia supernovae.

  • Takamitsu Tanaka -- Postdoc. Cosmic origins and impact of supermassive black holes and quasars, supermassive black hole binaries and mergers, accretion physics. homepage

  • Tyrone Woods -- PhD student. Type Ia supernovae, interacting binary stars, stellar populations.

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