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of the VIRGO data

VIRGO: Cosmological N-Body Simulations

The VIRGO Consortium is an international grouping of scientists carrying out supercomputer simulations of the formation of galaxies, galaxy clusters, large-scale structure, and of the evolution of the intergalactic medium. Although most of the consortium members are British, there are important nodes in Canada and the United States as well as Germany at the MPA. The primary platforms used by the consortium are at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre and at the Computing Center of the Max Planck Society in Garching. Further information about VIRGO can be found at the main UK site in Durham.



external link Ben Moore's N-body site
external link LCA and MARG simulated X-ray Cluster Data Archive
external link Hydra Consortium


external link Astronomy Conferences, a list maintained by the CFHT library
external link Latest HST results


Collection of links to observatories, astronomical institutions and data sources on the WWW. Different versions at:
external link CDS
external link MSSSO
external link NRAO
external link STScl
external link VILSPA
external link IoA Cambridge

Sky Surveys and Databases

external link CNOC Survey
external link 2dF Project
external link SDSS Project
external link IRAS PSCz Sky Survey
external link Digitized Sky Survey at DAO
external link Canada-France Redshift Survey
external link Durham/UKST Redshift Survey
external link Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg provides access to a wide range of databases, such as the external link Simbad Database

Cosmic Microwave Background measurements

external link COBE Home page
external link The MAP Project
external link The Planck Project


external link NOT, the Nordic Optical Telescope
external link European Southern Observatory on external linkLaSilla
and its new VLT
external link ISO, the Infrared Space Observatory

external link American Astronomical Society
external link Royal Astronomical Society
external link IAU (International Astronomical Union)


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