SeSAM (Simple SAM)


Galaxy Formation Modeling


Eyal Neistein & Simone M. Weinmann


This page allows users to download galaxy catalogs as simulated by Neistein & Weinmann (2009),

and to run user-defined models. For detailed information on our models and formalism, please read our paper.


Download Catalogs

Download catalogs of galaxies based on the models presented in the paper.

The results given here are based on the Milli-Millennium simulation, which

has much smaller volume than the full Millennium simulation used in the paper.


Model 0   – similar to De Lucia & Blaizot (2007)

Model I    – zero SN feedback

Model II   – standard

Model III  – cold accretion

Model IV  – only bursts

Model V   – shut-down by mergers


Each link points to a *.zip file which holds ~20-30 Mb. A Readme file is included.


Run Your Own Model

Here you can choose your parameters and run your galaxy formation model on the

Milli-Millennium simulation.


-         Help: Registration, documentation & screenshots

-         Run models: Run our model on GAVO




For further information please contact us at:

 “eyal” at MPA domain:  “”



This page was last modified on February 8, 2009