Some setups about on-the-fly lightcones

From: 陈钊 <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 21:10:16 +0800

Dear all,
        I am trying to use Gadget4 to generate on-the-fly lightcones for weak lensing studies. The main products I want are the halo lightcones and mass maps. However, I found that those saved mass maps are empty if the ‘LIGHTCONE_PARTICLES’ is not activated and with ‘LIGHTCONE_MASSMAPS’ activated alone. Is this set by definition or some extra setups is needed?
        At the same time, the snapshots must be at the exact redshifts for my study so I need to activate the “OUTPUT_NON_SYNCHRONIZED_ALLOWED” which means that the halo can only be calculated by post-processing. Is there some setups to make Gadget4 can post-process the particle lightcones and obtain the halo lightcones? I don’t find something about this in the document.

        At last, when I test some runs by using small box (250 Mac/h) to generate particle lightcones at high redshift (z~3.0), I config ‘LIGHTCONE_MAX_BOXREPLICAS=100000’, ‘LIGHTCONE_PARTICLES’, ‘LIGHTCONE_PARTICLES_GROUPS’ and without ’non_syn’. But I got strange exit code shown as follows:
[[[Code termination on task=3645, function fof_compile_catalogue(), file src/fof/, line 595: start=331118 i=447801 Tp->NumPart=807400 FOF_GList[start].DistanceOrigin=4449.11 != FOF_GList[i].DistanceOrigin=4452.7 MinID=695628668 MinIDTask=3528]]]
        Does anyone knows what’s this error means? And what I need to modify the config file or something else?
        Thanks for your time in advance!

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