lightcone Error detected in HDF5: unable to create file

From: 이과대학 물리학과 <‍조용욱[학생]>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 14:50:48 +0900


I'm intern student who's working on lightcone dark matter only cosmology
simulation with Gadget 4.0

I've run simulations starting from redshift z=10 with lightcone output from
z=0.4 to z=0.

I've also created IC with MUSIC by Oliver Hahn.

However I'm having errors during simulations.

As error start to appear from redshift 0.40..., It seems like lightcone
output mode is the reason of the error.

Any help for this error would be very appreciated.

I've added, param.txt and part of the output message(from the
start of the error message) in the link below:

Best wishes,

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