Gadget-4 mechanical feedback

From: Goddard, Julianne K. <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 19:45:27 +0000

Hello Volker and Gadget Users,
I am trying to install an explicitly resolved supernova feedback model into Gadget-4, based on the unprotected mechanical feedback in GIZMO. I want to see if anyone else is doing something similar, or is knowledgeable about this to give me some advice. From the Gadget-4 paper I see that the generic parallel tree walk may be the best method to use for this type of feedback, but I wonder if anyone can clarify how this tree walk works? If I want to find the SPH neighbors of a particular star particle, can I call ngb.treebuild within the “evaluate” function and then apply feedback to those neighbors all within the same function? Or would this cause some redundancy such that it is better to write a unique neighbor search here?
Or if anybody has advice on a better way to put this type of feedback into the Gadget-4 code, that would be equally appreciated.
Much Thanks,
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